Sports: Cold Storage Kids Run

By the way, I just want to tell you all that I do like to help out in some sports events and may take part in a few of  the sports events if I have the time. Normally, I will tend to do brisk walking or light jogging.

This is my first time helping out for Cold Storage Kids Run event. This event is much more different from the event which I usually help out in. The t-shirts and tags are so nice. Happy green chase, sporty red chase, singapura financial sky blue chase, sunshine orange chase, speedy purple chase, boogey blue chase. So many interesting names match up with different colours. Haha

The t-shirts labelled “I am a proud runner”, “I am a proud parent”, “I am a proud volunteer”. However, there is a question ringing onto my head. “Do I feel proud?” I feel proud that for the kids as they can run with all their might and this race is to encourage the kids to move on and be happy. Many parents signed up their kids to join this event. It is to instill confidence in the kids and positive encouragements from the volunteers and parents do make some difference and making me still wanting to help out for more sporting events. Of course, as a volunteer, I felt quite sad that some kids overexerted themselves and felt discomfort after finishing the race. Some even fell and injured themselves. Asthma attacks too. Luckily there were medical staff from KKWCH.

Saw Joanne Peh, Ann Kok and Mr Teo Ser Luck’s whole family during the event as well. However, I did not have the time to stay longer as the weather was unbearable and hot. I was dehydrating and smelly at the end of the event. Now, I am going to watch TV.

That’s all folks.


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