World No Tobacco Day!

World Tobacco day is held on 31 May yearly. I went to a music event at Plaza Singapura to support this event. I did not know that just making cigarettes will require cutting down a big area of the forest and harmful to the environment. I am glad that I do not smoke and swear not to smoke in my whole entire life.

Smoking do harm  the environment and people’s health. Even the person do not smoke, they would still smell the bad tobacco smoke in some public places. Even if it is cheap, I would not want to pick this bad habit up at all. Harmful to health, Harmful to environment as 2000km2 of trees will be cut down just to make tobacco and cigarettes.

Educate the public on this is not going to be an easy job. People have to be a role model. The government is trying to tax more on these items and increase the number of places of non-smoking areas.

If people do not smoke, they can spend money on other things and pick up good habits. Why not? Let’s be smoke free. I would hope to ban smoking in my house too.

That’s all folks.


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