Food Delights – Sarawak Noodles

IMG_7777This was what I had for breakfast in Johore. Sarawak Noodles. I do love green chilli because of the soury taste. Noodles were very q. It only costed RM3.50. so cheap right? Char siew, mince meat (not sure it’s beef or pork), spring onion, bawang goreng. That was my first time eating this sarawak noodle. i never heard of this noodle before. Thus I was curious and ordered this bowl of sarawak noodle. Makanan was great. hope I will get another chance to taste this. Singapore food can be quite costly because of the rental and utilities are expensive.

I may be planning for future trips to malaysia if I have the time and companions to go with me there. H aha. and may get another chance to taste this. Hope H1N1 will be no more by then.

that’s all folks!


Food Festival 2009


Okay. This year the food festival is full of peranakan craze. kept on hip-cups. I do wish to try out some of the food. I am not sure whether I am keen to go to plaza Singapura to try out on pounding spices and make pineapple tarts. I do dare to try if I have the time to do so.

Because from friday onwards, my life will be busy because of my school assignments. Lotsa subjects this semester and lotsa assignments. Thus lesser time to have fun for the next 4 mths.

Sports events – Community Sports Festival

did not know that every cdc will have a different way to end of this community sports festival. Wow. I am so tired and deadbeat today after walking about 10km distance today.
Swimming, biathlon, walk-a-jog, singing. ok.
Just want to have a good nice sleep tonight. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

that’s all folks. (to be added on)

Music for the ears: NDP theme song 2009 – What do I see (Jiu Zai Zhe Li)

Woo. It’s finally out. NDP theme song written by local band Electrico. English Lyrics, tunes. The chinese lyrics is written by Xiao Han and the chinese version of the song was sung by the Project Superstar 1 winner Tan Wei Lian Kelvin. I have listened to the mandarin version of the song 1-2 times and felt that the voice does not sound the same as the english version and yet it sounded familiar and sounded like Wei Lian. And I am right.

Glad to have a local band to sing the theme song this time round.

  1. 1998 – Home (Jia) by Kit Chan

  2. 1999 – Together (Xin Lian Xin) by Evelyn Tan and Dreams FM

  3. 2000 – Shine On Me (Xing Yue Zhao Liang) by Mavis Hee (Mandarin Version) and Jai (english version)
  4. 2001 – Where I belong (Shu Yu) by Tanya Chua
  5. 2002 – We will get there (Yi Qi Zou Dao) by Stefanie Sun
  6. 2003 – One united people (Quan Xin Quan Yi) by Stefanie Sun
  7. 2004 – Home by JJ Lin (should have written a special song instead?)
  8. 2005 – Reach up to the skies by Taufik and RuiEn (English version) and RuiEn (Mandarin)
  9. 2006 – My Island Home (Xin Fu De Tu Xing) by Kaira Gong
  10. 2007 – Will You by Sebastian Tan, emma yong, jai … and THERE’S no place I rather be by Kit Chan
  11. 2008 – Shine for Singapore by Hady Mirza (English) and Qing Kong Xin Wan Li by Joi Chua
  12. 2009 – What do I see by Electrico and Jiu Zai Zhe Li by Wei lian.

gonna practise singing the theme song while listening to MP3 at home for the national day event at padang. haha.

That’s all folks.