National Day 2009 on 9 Aug 2009

National Day

National Day

National Day

National Day

This year marks the 44th birthday for Singapore. Singapore is still a young nation, which still have quite a lot of changes happening in itself. Over a few years, part of the landscape at around marina square area was changed.
1st it is the singapore flyer, then with the floating platform at marina bay, marina barrage, then Sands at Marina bay, pit building and then the link bridge and the marina east garden.

This year the traffic congestion was worse. so many of the roads are blocked and there was not much way for the people to exit quickly and efficiently.
That’s the problem as there is not much way to go into the floating platform area and the padang area. Marching contingents were walking pass the padang area which makes the traffic worsens as most roads are closed just because of 1 BIG event.

I am dying of traffic congestion and hope to get seats and space on a comfortable bus. Next time, I will want to leave slightly earlier and avoid those crowded places. the feeling was worse than 2007 NDP preview. I hope not to experience it again.

that’s all folks.


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