Latest lifestyle trend

How to explain in such on a way for the latest health trend in Singapore?
– People are eating too much processed food.
– People are spending more time on computers and playing computer games.
– People like to dine out and eat.
– People tend to eat food that are high in fats, high in cholesterol, low in fibre.
– People do not like to exercise.
– people have no time to exercise due to busy and hectic work schedule.
– How to comment in such a life? Genetic diseases, what else? Deformities, mutation in genes?
People are promoting sports events for almost all ages. Haha. But cost is one of the factors which people do not like to participate in such an event.

It involves individual, family and community to work together and play a part in healthy lifestyle events. So if we work together, we may achieve the aim. But how can we do? Educating people in different ways is very difficult.

Using past records of people suddenly dies to educate them may be one of the ways. But hope people will not want to overexert themselves while enjoying the activities.

I also need to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising and forking out time as well as need to work on my time management skills as well as relax. Hahaha.

That’s all folks!