Happy halloween to me!

I had ups and downs yesterday on my birthday. There are so many interesting events that I was interested to attend yet due to work commitments, i have to let go on certain things.
The weather was pretty bad in the evening time where it was raining cats and dogs from 5plus till 9pm.
Some events were cancelled.
I thought of going to clean and green day and CAN event at Hort Park, but it was not fit into my time plan as I needed to rush to different places at different timings within a limited time.
Luckily won a voucher as a birthday gift. Now I am wondering what should I really get from there. haha.

That’s all folks!


Club Voyager – Episode 1

Hi, this is the 1st Episode of Club Voyager series and we are exploring different places in around the world.

Of course 1st up we will go to one of the places in Singapore. It is one of the colourful places in Singapore. Wow? Can you guess which place we are heading to this time round?

Here’s the hint. Haha.

IMG_7609So are you able to guess this place now?

Yes, it is quite simple. as this is indeed one of the colourful places in Singapore yet people can get in touch with nature.

Yellow, red, blue, green, white, grey, black, pink, orange and many more colours from all around the world. So if you are able to guess it correctly, it’s Jurong Bird Park.

Swan in the pond

Swan in the pond

It is rare to see such sight at this place as they do not have much swans in Jurong Birdpark.

They do have feeding times for some of the birds. You can refer to http://www.birdpark.com.sg for more information on the feeding times and the latest schedules on feeding times, bird shows and latest exhibits happening in Jurong Birdpark.

Pool Ampitheatre show

Pool Ampitheatre show

As you can see from this photograph taken, this is one of the items during the buddy show. Toucan.

There are scheduled times for bird shows at 10am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 4pm. There are other shows located at other locations in Jurong Birdpark.

Pelicans Feeding Time

Pelicans Feeding Time

For example, there is pelican feeding show at 2pm at the pelican display area.

As you can see from this picture, there are several species of pelicans in Jurong Birdpark. There are 8 known species on Earth and Jurong Birdpark owns 7 out of 8 species for pelican.

Birds in Lory Loft

Birds in Lory Loft

Sometimes, it depends on the timing when you visit some of the places in Jurong Birdpark.

The best time to visit is during the birds’ feeding time. The birds will fly up and consume the food and you get to see the colourful birds and snap photographs of them.

Jurong Birdpark Logo

Jurong Birdpark Logo

And how to get to Jurong Birdpark? It is very easy.

Choice 1:  Take Taxi

Choice 2: Take shuttle bus but you need to pay $3.50 for the fare.

Choice 3: Take bus or MRT to Boon Lay and transfer 194 or 251 to go to Jurong Birdpark.

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoy your day ahead. Looking forward for the next episode of Club Voyager Series? Stay tune.

Bigger Eyes with makeup

I envy people with double eyelids. I was born with single eyelids though my parents have double eyelids. Sometimes, double eyelids do make eyes look bigger.

I have a pair of middle-sized eyes. However, whenever I take pictures or photographs, my eyes looks quite small. Luckily, there are shops selling eyelid stickers to be pasted on eyelids to make my eyes bigger. I tried that but it makes my eyelids more tiring as my eyelids have to fold in such a way to make my eyes bigger.

Besides eyelid stickers, there are other ways to make eyes look bigger. One of them is Mascara. Mascara does lengthen the eyelashes to make the eyes look bigger and nicer and its curls make it effective. Haha.

Fake eyelashes also can do the job. However, people need to buy the glue to paste the eyelashes and it is quite painful and only can last for up to 12 times usage.

Eyeliner can be used to make eyes look bigger. It highlights the eyes by bolding the area of the eyes.

Last resort: go for plastic surgery. I wont want to go for this as surgery may not be successful all the time. Look at Michael Jackson and you will understand why I do not even want to resort to such a method of making eyes look bigger.

I think with sufficient information and investment on eyecare products, I should be able to find a way to put make up on my eyes to make it more beautiful and kawaii. Haha. And find the right way to learn how to put make up on my eyes 1st and look it as natural as possible. Haha

Besides to make my eyes look bigger, I think it’s time for me to think whether I need to lose even more weight to look better and dress better.

That’s all folks.