Bigger Eyes with makeup

I envy people with double eyelids. I was born with single eyelids though my parents have double eyelids. Sometimes, double eyelids do make eyes look bigger.

I have a pair of middle-sized eyes. However, whenever I take pictures or photographs, my eyes looks quite small. Luckily, there are shops selling eyelid stickers to be pasted on eyelids to make my eyes bigger. I tried that but it makes my eyelids more tiring as my eyelids have to fold in such a way to make my eyes bigger.

Besides eyelid stickers, there are other ways to make eyes look bigger. One of them is Mascara. Mascara does lengthen the eyelashes to make the eyes look bigger and nicer and its curls make it effective. Haha.

Fake eyelashes also can do the job. However, people need to buy the glue to paste the eyelashes and it is quite painful and only can last for up to 12 times usage.

Eyeliner can be used to make eyes look bigger. It highlights the eyes by bolding the area of the eyes.

Last resort: go for plastic surgery. I wont want to go for this as surgery may not be successful all the time. Look at Michael Jackson and you will understand why I do not even want to resort to such a method of making eyes look bigger.

I think with sufficient information and investment on eyecare products, I should be able to find a way to put make up on my eyes to make it more beautiful and kawaii. Haha. And find the right way to learn how to put make up on my eyes 1st and look it as natural as possible. Haha

Besides to make my eyes look bigger, I think it’s time for me to think whether I need to lose even more weight to look better and dress better.

That’s all folks.


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