Exams results will be out on 18 Dec 2009, which will be 2 weeks later. I am not sure whether I will pass all my courses will flying colours as I did not finish 3 out of 4 examination papers. I just hope I will get good results and clear all my courses this july semester.

Was so tired yesterday and today as I only slept for 1hour 40mins yesterday. Took a 2.5 hours of afternoon nap today. I will still want to help out for more such events if I have the time. This year’s location was much better than last year’s. I was so happy about the location. However, this year’s food is not as good as last few years. Mee goreng. Mee goreng cannot last for very long after being cooked. The breakfast and cake and buns are okay.
More and more people are participating in sports events.
I cannot understand why somebody has to go to the extent of objecting to let me participate in some events. I cannot understand her mindset but I still remember how she abused me over certain matters.
Still want to the extent of threatening me when she had did so much destruction and damages in other people’s life.
Wont want to talk so much about her.
That’s all folks!


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