Men’s Health Urbanathon

It was a sunday. Ok. Waited for the nightrider bus for 50mins. So shocking although the bus interval states every 20-25mins. something fishy and funny.

At least I did not have to spend on taxi today. If not, i will only get 10 for the event after deducting from the transportation fee.

My mum objected again as I went to do volunteer on my own again. I registered for 2 ppl and that backed out.

So she only agreed to let me to do more if I go east coast park big splash area. Near home, Just walk and no need to wake up so early in the morning.

Was assigned to do aid station but water went out faster than before. Cause: Mud. People cannot stand the mud after finishing the obstacles which involves mud.

Was glad to receive email from JJ on this event and sign up. Aid station was very busy as shortage of ppl. I was not able to top up the supply fast as the drink was located quite a distance away from the table. Thus much time was lost.

Actually, should not let ppl to use mineral water to clean the body. It is wasting resource. Perhaps next time the organisers can do even better instead.

That’s all folks!!!!


Haiti Earthquake

Haiti is known as Land of the high hills/mountains. So shocked to hear that there was earthquake at Haiti. can apply geographical theories onto why earthquakes happens. So as volcanoes. there are so many earth crust plates and heat can melt part of the contains and shift the position of the plates to cause earthquakes or volcanic eruptions/tsunami.

It is indeed very scary as it can come all of a sudden and nobody can control this situation.

Just like everyday life. Even traffic conditions cannot be controlled as well.

I guess there may be worse disasters coming in the near future. So i pray for safety ahead for me.

That’s all folks.