Saying Goodbye

Sometimes, it is hard to say good bye to certain things in life.

Sometimes, it is easy to say good bye to the things that you dislike or hate the most.

Sometimes, the feeling of saying good bye is a mixture of feelings. A feeling of relieved, A feeling of sadness, A feeling of joy, A feeling of I do not know what.

I wont be able to describe this kind of feeling on the blog as it is filled with sadness, relieved and many more.

Saying goodbye to my staff card. It was white when I first joined but now the card was yellowish. Before saying goodbye to this piece of card, I will need to go to the bookshop and the pharmacy store to buy items at a discounted price. I cant bear to let it go but I have to.

Saying goodbye to the security card. It gave me the special access to certain places and i have to let it go soon. Goodbye.

Saying goodbye to the shopping centres near the workplace. Sometimes, I can go shopping or top-up my ez-link card near the shopping centres. So many places to shop and visit there. But I need to say goodbye as I wont be visiting you all as often. If I am on the way or near the place, I will definitely visit you all soon but most probably on weekends. Cant bear to leave the sight of the shopping centres.

Saying goodbye to the library. Such a nice staff to allow me to visit during off-peak hours. At least it is much easy to locate the place there than other places.

Saying goodbye to the friendly staff. Of course, I know who is friendly and who is not. I wont mention their names for the safety reasons and I will miss them very much. Cant bear to leave you all but I have no choice but I will visit them 1 day.

Saying goodbye to the buses and transport to my workplace. Guess I wont be boarding the bus that often in the future but I am glad that some of these buses are fast enough to bring to one of the destinations and cut down quite a lot of the transport time. Thank you bus service no 48. I love this bus very much as it is one of the fastest services. I will board you if I have the chance.

I wish to snap photos as part of my memories as I spent 3 years with this place (wont be publishing on the blog at all). Learnt quite a lot of things then. But it is time for me to move on to the next phase.

That’s all, folks.


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