Japanese characters – Kanji

Woo. Hai! Japanese Kanji is quite interesting as people like me do not know how to say the pronounciation after seeing the kanji (means hanza in Korean and Hanzi in mandarin). However, the Kanji has 2 pronounciations, 1 is the on (Sound) and the other is Kun (meaning)

For example, the word “Shape” Xing, is pronounced as Kata.

My surname will be pronounced as Kyo with the on pronounciation.

Example, dog’s called quan (not ah kow, or gou gou) in japanese kanji it is known as ken (on) or inu (Kun). Strange right?

Some words have many sounds which makes japanese confusing to understand unlike english. oh well. I better listen to the mp3 of the japanese books to understand the meaning and translate the japanese words on asience shampoo and find out how it means.