Oh Africa by Akon

I like this song so much. So catchy and the music video is great with the pepsi version and the Akon version. Must watch those videos. I hope to get Oh Africa ringtone for my phone soon. Haha. But my phone may not have wap function. So I only can embed onto the site and listen to how is the effect of the song. Haha. This song is written especially for football and 2010 world cup in South Africa.

Oh africa. Must watch the video to see some of your favourite soccer stars. Haha. Very colourful, vibrate and very Africa.

That’s all folks.


World Cup fever is now on!

World Cup 2010 is held in South Africa from 11 june to 12 July. It is the 1st time held in the African continent. I have never visit Africa in my life except watching Kenya and South Africa from the TV.

Too bad wont be able to watch most of the matches live due to timing and comforts of my home. May be considering to watch it at community centre or macdonalds to save electricity. Haha.
Can say that I am trying to be more environment friendly and save some cost. haha.
Although I am rooting for Brazil team but any likeable team that I support wins world cup, deserves my respect. Through this event, some players will get fame if they perform well.
But the most exciting part of the soccer match in my mind was in 2002, Germany via Saudi Arabia, 8-0. That’s the most exciting match with lotsa goals.
Hope you all will enjoy this year’s world cup. Here’s one of the nice theme songs that I like. Oh Africa. Enjoy the video.

Group A
South Africa

Group B
South Korea

Group C

Group D
Ghana (was known as Gold Coast)

Group E

Group F
New Zealand

Group G
North Korea
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast in French)

Group H

So what team are you rooting for? Enjoy the matches.

That’s all folks!

World Environment Day

5 June is world environment day. However, I felt that I have not been doing much to help the environment. Been wasting quite a lot of electricity nowadays and also not recycling or reducing the amount of wastage at home.

I tried not to eat meat but someone always cook meat for both lunch and dinner. I felt that I need to reduce the amount of meat intake. I know I can do it as I rarely eat meat for my meals at my ex-workplace and I will try not to eat some much meat at the workplace. Reducing meat intake too.

Not much free meals at my current workplace but I cannot complain much.

This year theme for World Environment Day is Biodiversity. But how many people will know that 5 June is assigned as World Environment Day by WHO?
Not much I guess. I got to know it via one club. Glad to know that. Haha.

Guess I will try to mark 5 june as World Environment Day on my calendar yearly.

By the way, what is Biodiversity?
Bio means life. Diversity means variations of different species. So now, you should know the meaning of Biodiversity which is this year’s theme. Many species are living one 1 planet Earth.

Some of the species have been extincted. Some are endangered. It is not just animals who are facing this problems. Some species of plants are also disappearing as people cut down trees for timber (for $$ and for living). Some plants are needed to make medications or herbs for treatment. Or clear land for building or agriculture. So what can we really do to save the Earth?

Ice-caps are melting and those adorable baby polar bears will be homeless unless they stay in the zoos but they will lose their own abilities to search for food and survival instincts may be lost as they are not trained in a totally different habitat. (baby polar bears are very cute).

Some animals lost their habitat due to the human development of the animals’ natural habitat into a urban city. For example crows now fly to our neighbourhood to make noise as they lost their habitat. My mum felt the crow’s croaking voice was horrible and disturbing.

People should have seen advertisement on Saving Gaia. I should also save Gaia too. Have you? I am planting to grow 1 tree or more in spore but I do not have much money. Hope I will fulfil my wish of growing a tree (preferably a fruit tree with nice fruits). Haha.

As people can see that 313@somerset and city square mall in singapore are green buildings which promotes green in the environment.

Let’s do our part to make a world a better place to live. and be more environment green.

That’s all folks. Hope people will work together to build a better environment. Let’s reflect and save Gaia.

Distance Travelling – mixed feelings

Saw the new pricings for the bus fare near my area. Going to areas such as Suntec, expo will increase at least 10cents if taking bus from my home. I cannot say much on that. The amt spent on travelling Most of the places which I often go will increase wef next mth. oh no!!!!!!

Guess I will need to plan to go to Dairy farm via 966 real soon before the start of the distance travelling. If not, I will pay more than expected. Even travelling to woodlands via bus will cost more than now. So what can I do to cut down the distance travelling yet reaching the place fast at the same rate as before?

Thus need to do some research on some bus services and mrt lines and come out of my home earlier to catch the right buses when july comes.

that’s all folks!

The good thing about dist travelling is I do not need to pay more if I transfer bus to MRT. Sometimes, I take 48 and transfer MRT and I have to pay much more than just taking 1 direct bus.

So it has its pros and cons.