Distance Travelling – mixed feelings

Saw the new pricings for the bus fare near my area. Going to areas such as Suntec, expo will increase at least 10cents if taking bus from my home. I cannot say much on that. The amt spent on travelling Most of the places which I often go will increase wef next mth. oh no!!!!!!

Guess I will need to plan to go to Dairy farm via 966 real soon before the start of the distance travelling. If not, I will pay more than expected. Even travelling to woodlands via bus will cost more than now. So what can I do to cut down the distance travelling yet reaching the place fast at the same rate as before?

Thus need to do some research on some bus services and mrt lines and come out of my home earlier to catch the right buses when july comes.

that’s all folks!

The good thing about dist travelling is I do not need to pay more if I transfer bus to MRT. Sometimes, I take 48 and transfer MRT and I have to pay much more than just taking 1 direct bus.

So it has its pros and cons.


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