2010 Post World Cup

this post is long due. oh my. I think the world cup fever has subsided and the young olympic fever is coming to singapore.

So happy that Spain won the 1st world cup title. well done! I only watched the last few mins of the world cup during the extra time. I woke up and saw the spanish guy no 6 scored a goal. and the end of the game with no penalty. I actually wanted to watch the 3rd/4th placing but I had to miss it because of volunteer work. But was so shocked that many people went to Kopitiam square at Sengkang to watch the 3rd/4th placing when the bus stopped there.

Known Awards
1. Golden Boot Winner – Thomas Muller (Ger)
2. Best Young Player – Thomas Muller (Ger)
3. Golden Ball – Diego Forlan (Uru)
4. Best Goalkeeper – Iker Casikas (Esp – Spain)

Theme Song: Waka waka by shakira

a. best number of goals scored in the match by 1 country – 7goals.
Name of the match: Portugal vs North Korea (7-0)

b. Most number of yellow cards issued in the whole entire world cup history including the finals

c. Handball winner by a non-goalkeeper – 2 awardees: Mr thierry henry (FRA) for the pre-world cup entry and Mr Luiz Suarez (Uru) for the match between Ghana and Uruguay

d. Best predictor award: Paul the octopus (Ger) (We must love this animal and protect him from BBQ, please respect it)

e. Highest Altitude award – South Africa
6 out of 10 stadiums are built on a high altitude. I do not think I can exercise and tolerant this enviroment if there is less oxygen

f. Most shocking performance: Italy (the defending champions of 2006 world cup) and France (will not elaborate much on their personal issues)

g. least number of goals needed to win the world cup: La Roja – Spain

h. the team which scored the most world cup goals in South Africa – Germany

i. Best host nation: South africa

Any more missing awards to be mentioned? I wont elaborate much as the energy will be shifted to another sporting event which may not be that exciting than world cup but 2010 has quite a lot of sports events from jun till end of this year.

That’s all folks.


Singapore Garden Festival 2010

Singapore Garden Festival 2010

13 Million

This is one of the most expensive Singapore Garden Festival attended. I have attended 2006 and 2008 and i do not have to spend more than $5 per ticket but this time round I need to pay $7.20 for the ticket entry. after entry, i understand why it is so expensive. people who visited the level 4 booth will understand the real reason behind the show.

Wont elaborate much on the exhibitions as pictures speak a thousand words. it is slightly different from the previous 2years. i took some pictures but due to time constraints and eagerness to rush back home early, i had quickly snapped those picture and rushed off back home.

Singapore Garden Festival 2010

recycle bins

Singapore Garden Festival 2010

The Gardener

I do not know whether I will be coming for Singapore garden Festival again. Need to see whether I have the time to do so and the price of the ticket. Normally, I will go on the last day of the Garden Festival. Not much youngsters are interested in such things.

I am planning to go hort park on 1 weekend and relax my mind as nature really helps to relax my mind and not to think so negative.

That’s all folks.

TNP big walk 2010 – 18 jul 2010

i went for the big walk 2010 on my own on 18 jul 2010. i dropped off at Suntec and i had to walk quite a distance from the bus stop to the goodie bag collection area. it was so far. i was wearing the big walk t-shirt with the red print.

the route was short and disappointing. but still okay. the starting point is at the pit building and the ending point is near the other side the Marina Sands, near the Ntuc, one marina Boulevard building.

they had a carnival to celebrate the opening of this green area. i walked the new road that was built to link the vehicles to go to marina sands. It was still okay.

Took some pictures using my handphone but i have not uploaded the pics yet. it was raining several mins after 9am and there was a long queue at some of the booth.

I went home straight as I needed to rush to church. the goodie bag was quite pathetic but the umbrella was great.

last time big walk always have quite a lot of goodies and registration fee is only $4-5 at the stadium area. Now it is costly with the shirt and it only limits around the new buildings near marina area.

2008 was still okay except the walking near the path near the golf course. Dead trees. i walked on the barrage then.

p.s my 2010 big walk t-shirt was gone after i reached back home from church and i never have a chance to see that t-shirt again after it was taken off from the hanging area although i do like that shirt material very much. i better safeguard some of my white shirts and get smaller sizes.

that’s all folk.

2010 World Cup fever is ending soon…

hi folk, who are you rooting for tonight?
Some people knows that I am rooting for the bulls, as I wont be rooting for the Oranje. No offence to you all. there will be a new world cup champion to be crowded this time round.

Now even the German octopus is rooting for espana.

Some trivia about the venues of hosts for World Cup.
1. Uruguay – 1930
2. Italy – 1934, 1990
3. France – 1938, 1998
4. Brazil – 1950, 2014
5. Switzerland – 1954
6. Sweden – 1958
7. Chile -1962
8. England – 1966
9. Mexico – 1970, 1986
10. West Germany – 1974
Germany – 2006
11. Argentina – 1978
12. Spain – 1982
13. USA – 1994
14. Japan & South Korea – 2002 (1st co-hosting the event, 1st time to be held in Asia)
15. South Africa – 2010 (1st time to be held in Africa continent)

No world cup was hosted in 1942 because of world war II. 1946 has no world cup because of world war. As brazil and germany bid for 1942 world cup. they could not bid as there is world war. if not, brazil will most probably hosted the 1942 world cup.
people can find quite a lot of interesting trivia and article for this event.

I hope to get the mechandise but i do not think i have the space and the money to do so. haha. I do not know whether i want to buy 2 packets of lays to get the free pepsi bottle featuring Lionel messi/drogba/frank lampard or another player from spain or germany.

Next 1 or 2 blog posts will summarize and conclude the thought of each team in world cup as well as give some “awards” to some of the teams and notable players in this world cup tournament as well as some special records noted.

that’s all folks.

World cup 2010 at south africa

this 1 month long event is going to reach the end. time really flies fast and now there is only 4 teams left to play with their final 2 matches for the top 4 position. i would say that the pairing up is all depends on luck.

There was also some problems with the high altitude and the official ball. i went walking about the shops and found some official mechandise but it is slightly costly.

I would say that this world cup is the 1st time to be held at the african continent, the season with the most red cards and yellow cards issued to players. Lots and lots of conflicts over certain issues over the leadership management. quite a lot of uncertainty, unexpected outturn of events and unpredictable.

let’s talk about the history of world cup champions very briefly.
1. Uruguay – 1930, 1950
2. Italy – 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
3. Germany – 1954, 1974, 1990
4. Brazil – 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
5. England – 1966
6. Argentina – 1978, 1986
7. France – 1998

Who will be crown to be the winner of World Cup 2010?
Will it be Germany? to become the 4th time world cup winner?
Or Uruguay to be the 3rd time world cup winner?
what about the euro 2008 champions – Spain?
I wont say anything about the last nation who got into the finals because of Brazil’s own goal and their victory is not considered the glorious to enter the final 4 and I wont be rooting for this nation at all.

all the best to the 3 nations that I have mentioned on my blog and hope they will get the top 3 positions.