2010 World Cup fever is ending soon…

hi folk, who are you rooting for tonight?
Some people knows that I am rooting for the bulls, as I wont be rooting for the Oranje. No offence to you all. there will be a new world cup champion to be crowded this time round.

Now even the German octopus is rooting for espana.

Some trivia about the venues of hosts for World Cup.
1. Uruguay – 1930
2. Italy – 1934, 1990
3. France – 1938, 1998
4. Brazil – 1950, 2014
5. Switzerland – 1954
6. Sweden – 1958
7. Chile -1962
8. England – 1966
9. Mexico – 1970, 1986
10. West Germany – 1974
Germany – 2006
11. Argentina – 1978
12. Spain – 1982
13. USA – 1994
14. Japan & South Korea – 2002 (1st co-hosting the event, 1st time to be held in Asia)
15. South Africa – 2010 (1st time to be held in Africa continent)

No world cup was hosted in 1942 because of world war II. 1946 has no world cup because of world war. As brazil and germany bid for 1942 world cup. they could not bid as there is world war. if not, brazil will most probably hosted the 1942 world cup.
people can find quite a lot of interesting trivia and article for this event.

I hope to get the mechandise but i do not think i have the space and the money to do so. haha. I do not know whether i want to buy 2 packets of lays to get the free pepsi bottle featuring Lionel messi/drogba/frank lampard or another player from spain or germany.

Next 1 or 2 blog posts will summarize and conclude the thought of each team in world cup as well as give some “awards” to some of the teams and notable players in this world cup tournament as well as some special records noted.

that’s all folks.


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