TNP big walk 2010 – 18 jul 2010

i went for the big walk 2010 on my own on 18 jul 2010. i dropped off at Suntec and i had to walk quite a distance from the bus stop to the goodie bag collection area. it was so far. i was wearing the big walk t-shirt with the red print.

the route was short and disappointing. but still okay. the starting point is at the pit building and the ending point is near the other side the Marina Sands, near the Ntuc, one marina Boulevard building.

they had a carnival to celebrate the opening of this green area. i walked the new road that was built to link the vehicles to go to marina sands. It was still okay.

Took some pictures using my handphone but i have not uploaded the pics yet. it was raining several mins after 9am and there was a long queue at some of the booth.

I went home straight as I needed to rush to church. the goodie bag was quite pathetic but the umbrella was great.

last time big walk always have quite a lot of goodies and registration fee is only $4-5 at the stadium area. Now it is costly with the shirt and it only limits around the new buildings near marina area.

2008 was still okay except the walking near the path near the golf course. Dead trees. i walked on the barrage then.

p.s my 2010 big walk t-shirt was gone after i reached back home from church and i never have a chance to see that t-shirt again after it was taken off from the hanging area although i do like that shirt material very much. i better safeguard some of my white shirts and get smaller sizes.

that’s all folk.


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