Singapore Garden Festival 2010

Singapore Garden Festival 2010

13 Million

This is one of the most expensive Singapore Garden Festival attended. I have attended 2006 and 2008 and i do not have to spend more than $5 per ticket but this time round I need to pay $7.20 for the ticket entry. after entry, i understand why it is so expensive. people who visited the level 4 booth will understand the real reason behind the show.

Wont elaborate much on the exhibitions as pictures speak a thousand words. it is slightly different from the previous 2years. i took some pictures but due to time constraints and eagerness to rush back home early, i had quickly snapped those picture and rushed off back home.

Singapore Garden Festival 2010

recycle bins

Singapore Garden Festival 2010

The Gardener

I do not know whether I will be coming for Singapore garden Festival again. Need to see whether I have the time to do so and the price of the ticket. Normally, I will go on the last day of the Garden Festival. Not much youngsters are interested in such things.

I am planning to go hort park on 1 weekend and relax my mind as nature really helps to relax my mind and not to think so negative.

That’s all folks.


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