Brands Sudoku challenge

This is my 1st time participating for Brands sudoku challenge this year. Received a goodie bag for being the semi-finalist for this event. Wont tell you the contents except that there is definitely brands chicken essence inside my goodie bag. competition is still okay and I managed to finish 4 puzzles in less than 30minutes and hope i can improve my timing even better.

I am looking forward to participate Brands Sudoku challenge yearly as I love to do sudoku puzzles and wanting to prove that I can do it and finish the puzzles.

Not sure whether I will be selected in the finals. Wish me luck.

That’s all folks.


Kotex WOW! Party


I am very thankful to omy and Kotex for the invite to Kotex WOW! party. It was indeed a WOW party for me.

When I reached there, I was given a green flower badge to write my name on. I did not expect that this will be my group colour later on for something. Haha.



Green Flower Badge

Green Flower Badge

The refreshments were WOW. The ambience was great. Here’s what I have taken for my refreshments. It is good to try some food that I never try before. and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream too. WOW.

Wonderful refreshments


Ben and Jerry's

Ice Cream

Ms Crystal from Kotex company had introduced to us about Kotex’s latest product in a WOW way as well as the WOW book too.

WOW Book

WOW Book

In the past, pads are white in colour. It is rare to see such pads with colourful motifs. Don’t you think white is just too plain and we need to add some colours into our life and blend it beautifully and make our life more interesting?

There are 2 themes for the designs for the WOW pads.

1. Girl-Next-Door Persona (3 designs under this theme)

Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

2. Indie Chic Style (3 designs under this theme)

Indie Chic

Indie chic

After the introduction to the new WOW products, we were divided into groups depending on the colour of the flower badge given while registering for the event. We were asked to add deco and colours to the part of the poster. Each group is given some materials and some materials vary from group to group. My group colour is green and went given paper flowers and some crayons to deco the part of the poster. And here’s the part of the masterpiece created by Green flower team.

Green Flower Group masterpiece

Green Flower Group masterpiece

WOW. The end product of the WOW collage was great. All ladies had used up their creative juices to create such a WOW masterpiece. And that’s really WOW. Do you love this piece of art work?


WOW masterpiece

WOW. Here’s some of the items I got from the event. Look at the pictures below.

WOW goodie bag

WOW goodie bag

Kotex tampons

Kotex tampons

Furthermore it has drawstrings. Very convenient for the users to put them inside the handbags and pouches yet it still looks quite nice to bring around. Isn’t it WOW? And I do love it. Its pantiliner are also nicely packed into bundles of 5pcs/packet and it is good for bringing it to travel.

Kotex pantiliner

Kotex Pantiliner



I got the Indie Chic design. Quite cool right. Haha.

Indie Chic design

Indie Chic style

There are 6pcs/packet and each packet is either with Indie Chic style or Girl Next-Door Persona design as shown on the packaging itself.

Pad length: 23cm

Retail price: $1.95

Besides that, they also have day and night pads designs too.

Day and Night pads

Day and Night pads

Packcount: Day pad (2opads/packet), Night pads (14pads/packet)

Pad length: Day pad(23cm), Night pad (32cm)

Retail price: $6.40/packet

Note: All Kotex Luxe Design Pads will be on sale in leading supermarket chains from 13 September onwards.

What a WOW experience!!! I cannot wait to try out this WOW pads soon when that comes again as mine was going to be ended before I have the chance to start using WOW pads. So what are you waiting for? Get the WOW experience with Kotex Luxe WOW ultra-thin designer pads today.

Once again, thanks omy and Kotex for giving me such a WOW WOW WOW experience.

Phua Chu Kang The Movie cum GV Yishun renovation party

Thank you omy and gv for the invitation to Phua Chua Kang the Movie cum GV Yishun renovation party. My friend and I were pretty honoured (not hon-noured as pronounced as Mr Phua CK) to be invited for this event.

Before watching PCK movie, we were all given GV Yishun renovation party kit which consists of a packet of pop corn, 1 bottle of minute maid orange juice, a pair of movie tickets (from omy) and invite to the cocktail reception.

GV Yishun bag

GV Yishun Bag


More information about GV yishun
GV yishun was opened in may 1992 and it has 10halls for people to watch movies. It is the only cinema with the most movie halls in Singapore and it will undergo 3 month renovation from 12 aug 2010 onwards until early nov 2010.

The cocktail reception was great and there were exhibits on the history of GV yishun, GV uniforms and GV movie tickets around GV yishun. Quite interesting to know more about GV Yishun and special displays through the exhibits and latest movies.

GV Yishun renovation party

Then my friend and I went into the hall and watched PCK the movie. This story started when PCK was young and was beaten up by his grandfather because his grandfather thought that big mole brings bad luck to the family. So his family sent his grandfather away to Seow Soon Home which was set up by Mr Lim Lao Peh (acted by Henry Thia). And the story starts from the happenings in Seow Soon home and its secrets as well as the relationship between PCK and his grandfather in the story.

Most of the scenes were filmed in Malaysia and dialects like hokkien and cantonese, were used which make the movie slightly funnier. the grandfather phua was also quite funny.

the PCK sitcom I watched on TV was much more funnier compared to the movie which is much more touching.

After the end of the movie screening, PCK and Rosie came to GV yishun and it was a very entertaining. Rosie still looks very pretty here.

Mrs Rosie Phua



Phua Chu Kang

Mr and Mrs Phua's appearance

Mr & Mrs PCK

after they left, my friend and I proceeded to the demolition hall to get a piece of GV yishun. Wow. there were so many different items for movie viewers to choose from, such as movie posters, a photo frame of GV yishun. People can even take a piece of carpet, chair and even seat number home.

Here’s what my friend and I took for that piece of GV yishun. Seat number and 1 photo frame of GV yishun. So happy.

A piece of GV Yishun

A piece of GV Yishun taken from the Demolition Hall

Thank you once again for the invite from omy and GV yishun. Looking forward to attend such events soon.

that’s all folks!!!

Journey of the youth olympic torch

I was so excited for this torch relay so happening in Singapore. this is once in a lifetime chance to witness this event in Singapore as I do not know when Singapore will host another Youth Olympic games. this journey will last about 1 week from 6 aug 2010 to 14 aug 2010 in Singapore.

6 Aug 2010 – National University of Singapore

7 Aug 2010 – Celebration site at Nanyang Polytechnic

8 Aug 2010 – Celebration site at ITE college East

9 Aug 2010 – National Day Break

10 Aug 2010 – Celebration site at Temasek Poly

11 Aug 2010-  Celebration site at Republic Poly

12 Aug 2010 – Celebration site at Singapore Poly

13 Aug 2010 – Celebration site at Marina Bay, the Promotory and free live concerts

14 Aug 2010 – Opening ceremony at the Float at Marina Bay
It will be a shorter relay at the area only.

One Community Walks on 25 July 2010

This is a backdated post. 25 July 2010 is One Community Walk. Everywhere is having one community walk. This event is to celebrate People Association 50th anniversary and Youth Olympics games which will be coming soon.

There are a total of 75 places in Singapore having this event. Every participant only need to spend $2 for the ticket to get a limited edition dry-fit T-shirt and a goodie bag (water, milo and a Singapore 2010 badge as well as some coupons).



I walked from my house to the starting point which is located near the community centre. Need to do some warm up exercises 1st and everyone only can start walking when the GOH arrives and ready to start the walk.

Luckily I enjoyed seeing the nature while walking. During the midst of the walk, I felt thirsty and I could not drink water as I did not bring a bottle of water along. Glad that I only need to walk about 2.3km.

Happy to reach the finishing point fast enough and collected my goodie bag and after that, I bought my breakfast and headed straight home as I was so tired.

That’s all folks.

Mood Colour: Grey

It is very difficult to describe the feeling by using colours but I know in my mind, it is always fill with greyness. It is the same colour as the dark clouds during raining days. And difficult to add other colours to change it to a brighter colour/(s). I do not know when my rainbow will appear back in my life. But I hope the past will not dwell too much in my mind. Mind is a very complicated thing to comprehend. I tried not to talk too much on sad and unhappy things as life still have to go on. I hate to talk about unhappy things but it is very dreadful when people kept on saying about it and saying you are always not good at all yet they do not even see your strengths. I do not smile that much because of my protuding upper teeth and I was born in a strict family which I was not allowed to smile at home.

everyone is a unique person and people just cannot use comparison between siblings and other people and even colleagues. I do not understand why my distant aunt wanted to use her university daughter to compare with me although her daughter and I are 1 year difference. what is the real deal for comparison? There is nothing great to compare as all of us born in different environment, meet different people from different walks of life and different interests and passions. No need to force people to like this and that. Let nature takes its course.

my interest is different from my sis. I am more supportive of certain sports events happening in the world and music, while my sis only fascinates soccer and poker cards. Even siblings are so different, so what is the use of comparing? Anyway, those who said negative things of me, do not know me well enough at all. If people know me well enough, they will understand what I am going through and the pain that i have experienced esp people who said my sister is always better than me. While I will say I do have my own strengths and talents and she does have her weaknesses too. So do not use comparison to demoralise people.

hope god will allow me to meet people to brighten up my life as most of the time in my life are filled with greyness.

that’s all folks.