Mood Colour: Grey

It is very difficult to describe the feeling by using colours but I know in my mind, it is always fill with greyness. It is the same colour as the dark clouds during raining days. And difficult to add other colours to change it to a brighter colour/(s). I do not know when my rainbow will appear back in my life. But I hope the past will not dwell too much in my mind. Mind is a very complicated thing to comprehend. I tried not to talk too much on sad and unhappy things as life still have to go on. I hate to talk about unhappy things but it is very dreadful when people kept on saying about it and saying you are always not good at all yet they do not even see your strengths. I do not smile that much because of my protuding upper teeth and I was born in a strict family which I was not allowed to smile at home.

everyone is a unique person and people just cannot use comparison between siblings and other people and even colleagues. I do not understand why my distant aunt wanted to use her university daughter to compare with me although her daughter and I are 1 year difference. what is the real deal for comparison? There is nothing great to compare as all of us born in different environment, meet different people from different walks of life and different interests and passions. No need to force people to like this and that. Let nature takes its course.

my interest is different from my sis. I am more supportive of certain sports events happening in the world and music, while my sis only fascinates soccer and poker cards. Even siblings are so different, so what is the use of comparing? Anyway, those who said negative things of me, do not know me well enough at all. If people know me well enough, they will understand what I am going through and the pain that i have experienced esp people who said my sister is always better than me. While I will say I do have my own strengths and talents and she does have her weaknesses too. So do not use comparison to demoralise people.

hope god will allow me to meet people to brighten up my life as most of the time in my life are filled with greyness.

that’s all folks.


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