One Community Walks on 25 July 2010

This is a backdated post. 25 July 2010 is One Community Walk. Everywhere is having one community walk. This event is to celebrate People Association 50th anniversary and Youth Olympics games which will be coming soon.

There are a total of 75 places in Singapore having this event. Every participant only need to spend $2 for the ticket to get a limited edition dry-fit T-shirt and a goodie bag (water, milo and a Singapore 2010 badge as well as some coupons).



I walked from my house to the starting point which is located near the community centre. Need to do some warm up exercises 1st and everyone only can start walking when the GOH arrives and ready to start the walk.

Luckily I enjoyed seeing the nature while walking. During the midst of the walk, I felt thirsty and I could not drink water as I did not bring a bottle of water along. Glad that I only need to walk about 2.3km.

Happy to reach the finishing point fast enough and collected my goodie bag and after that, I bought my breakfast and headed straight home as I was so tired.

That’s all folks.


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