Phua Chu Kang The Movie cum GV Yishun renovation party

Thank you omy and gv for the invitation to Phua Chua Kang the Movie cum GV Yishun renovation party. My friend and I were pretty honoured (not hon-noured as pronounced as Mr Phua CK) to be invited for this event.

Before watching PCK movie, we were all given GV Yishun renovation party kit which consists of a packet of pop corn, 1 bottle of minute maid orange juice, a pair of movie tickets (from omy) and invite to the cocktail reception.

GV Yishun bag

GV Yishun Bag


More information about GV yishun
GV yishun was opened in may 1992 and it has 10halls for people to watch movies. It is the only cinema with the most movie halls in Singapore and it will undergo 3 month renovation from 12 aug 2010 onwards until early nov 2010.

The cocktail reception was great and there were exhibits on the history of GV yishun, GV uniforms and GV movie tickets around GV yishun. Quite interesting to know more about GV Yishun and special displays through the exhibits and latest movies.

GV Yishun renovation party

Then my friend and I went into the hall and watched PCK the movie. This story started when PCK was young and was beaten up by his grandfather because his grandfather thought that big mole brings bad luck to the family. So his family sent his grandfather away to Seow Soon Home which was set up by Mr Lim Lao Peh (acted by Henry Thia). And the story starts from the happenings in Seow Soon home and its secrets as well as the relationship between PCK and his grandfather in the story.

Most of the scenes were filmed in Malaysia and dialects like hokkien and cantonese, were used which make the movie slightly funnier. the grandfather phua was also quite funny.

the PCK sitcom I watched on TV was much more funnier compared to the movie which is much more touching.

After the end of the movie screening, PCK and Rosie came to GV yishun and it was a very entertaining. Rosie still looks very pretty here.

Mrs Rosie Phua



Phua Chu Kang

Mr and Mrs Phua's appearance

Mr & Mrs PCK

after they left, my friend and I proceeded to the demolition hall to get a piece of GV yishun. Wow. there were so many different items for movie viewers to choose from, such as movie posters, a photo frame of GV yishun. People can even take a piece of carpet, chair and even seat number home.

Here’s what my friend and I took for that piece of GV yishun. Seat number and 1 photo frame of GV yishun. So happy.

A piece of GV Yishun

A piece of GV Yishun taken from the Demolition Hall

Thank you once again for the invite from omy and GV yishun. Looking forward to attend such events soon.

that’s all folks!!!


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