Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games


Lyo- tae kwon do

Time really flies fast and it has just recently ended. I missed the feeling for having Singapore Youth Olympics games and suddenly it just ended. I am looking forward for more sporting events in Singapore and around the world. As the fever for YOG will be subsided soon and F1 fever will be rising soon. Asian games in Guangzhou and Commonwealth games will be coming soon this year.

The torch relay was okay. the weather was hot on some days and wet for some days. The atmosphere was great as they were quite a lot of people around the pathway. It was once in the lifetime experience to witness  this torch relay.

I did not have the time to go to celebrations near the ite college east. But i had visited the torch celebration site at Singapore Polytechnic as I was happened to be there. Saw the interesting facts on torch relay while I was there.

I also visited the exhibitions at Suntec convention centre and saw some interesting videos on life of the youth athletes and interesting facts on history on olympics games.

There were celebration at Marina Bay as well. Live concerts and great music during the YOG in Singapore.

Celebrations at Marina Bay

Celebrations at Marina Bay

As a YOG volunteer, I felt very happy to be a part of this Youth Olympic games. Memories like this will remain in the mind as I did had fun times during this period. It was great. and I am looking forward for more exciting sports events in Singapore. =)



lyo and merly

Lyo and Merly

So happy to get Lyo and Merly plushies. they are so adorable.


May the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games continue as the years go by…

That’s all folks!


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