Sporting fever still on in Singapore?

F1 fever has just ended in Singapore and it had been a thrills and spills for some of the racers. And great lineup of entertainments and activities for the f1 viewer watching the show there.

Soon the sporting fever will shift to the upcoming commonwealth games in New Delhi, India. i just hope the village will be ready on time for the games.

I did not know that there will be also commonwealth youth games hosted too. I did went to internet and read some interesting information on commonwealth youth games. Perhaps singapore can consider to host commonwealth youth games in the future. with singapore’s experience in YOG, I think singapore will do fare better if there is a chance to host commonwealth youth games as it is a smaller scale compared to YOG.

I am not sure on commonwealth games and what other games singapore will be planning to host in the future.

the roads near the stadium area will be closed for the demolition of national stadium. So happy that singapore will build its sports hub. I cannot wait till its completion in 2014 and I will definitely visit there then.

Hope sporting fever will continue in singapore. I also feel that I need to get back to sports to make myself happy as exercise in my favorite sport is a good way to relieve stress.

That’s all folks.


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