Happy Halloween and movie review for the Owls

Hope you all enjoy the halloween weekend!!!!!!

I did enjoy mine too. Haha. I went Golden Village Marina Square to watch The Legend of Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole by using the movie voucher that I won from a contest. Some of the characters look scary in this movie. But I like Soren very much since the start of the movie. Haha.

Heard the soundtrack of the movie “To the sky” during the movie. I guessed the song was sung by Owl City, which I am right. Because it is more suitable for Owl City to sing the theme song for an animated owl movie. The song is great and suitable for Soren. Haha.

Anyway, the animation of the movie is great. Some parts are funny and some parts can be quite emotional. Great effects by Warner Bro and a good starter of Road Runner and Coyote. I saw Road Runner and Coyote look better than the animation on TV as it is the usage of the computer technology to create such great effects.

Soren's sister

So Cute right?

Red eyes with masks and evil eerie feeling from Kludd, the elder brother of Soren, and Metalbeak versus the angelic Soren and cute Elangtine. It really suits the theme of halloween if you are  planning to watch it soon. This movie is series of the novel, Legends of the Guardians. I am not sure whether there will be sequels for this in the future.

Why not can and watch this movie when you are free? It is one of the good animated movie I seen.

That’s all folks!


Korean drama: New Heart

I started watching New Heart on channel U and I immediately fell in love with this drama series. however, i heard from the sale person from 1 of the shop that some are of the scenes were cut off or censored as it is classified as NC16 drama due to part of its content.

For people who watched this drama, I am sure that this involves the baring of the chest to do some operation on the heart. Thus it was classified as NC16 drama.

It is one of my most favourite korean drama series as it is very touching, with some comical elements, heartwarming, besides the budding romance between the 2 main leads, Lee Eun Sang and Nam Hye Seo.

I missed quite a few of the episodes on TV due to my busy schedule or I was away in Malacca for a short holiday. So I bought the DVD for New Heart at an affordable price. So happy.

I will be watching it when I am free. Haha.

hope Korea can produce more interesting dramas and movies.

that’s all folks.

Yoga by the Sea 2010

my tag number

my tag number

This is my 2nd time participating in Yoga By the Sea at East Coast Park, near area E. I took part in the mass workout category, where the participants need to learn how to do sun and moon salutation. Thus the timing is during the evening/late afternoon time slot.

Last year was just mass workout and it was only 1day event and my sister was with me then. This year there are a few workshop and the event is a 2day event and I came there alone as my sister couldn’t make it.

Walked all the way from east coast park to the event venue. Took about 45mins to reach there by walking and collected my goodie bag, a yoga mat and t-shirt as i joined under U-sports.

I applied sunblock lotion on my face, hands and legs except my feet before heading to the venue. oh my. how bad my sunburn was after walking with my slippers.


The goodie bag was  still okay as some of the items comes in handy. haha. There were panaflex patches(2pcs), breathe right, physiogel samples, laurier pads, poise samples, sensodyne toothpaste, scott’s sweets and etc. too bad the bag broke during the midst of returning home from east coast park.

Last year the special guest was Mediacorp artiste, Ms Michelle Chong, who does yoga (you did saw her on the once-a-day vitamin commercial doing yoga). This year, the special guest is Mediacorp artiste, Mr Bryan Wong. He talked about yoga and the advantages and the usage of panaflex on his back.

After that, the organisers introduced some of the yoga instructors on stage. Like Master samik bera who was one of the instructors for yoga by the sea 2009.

So glad that the organisers had placed plastic mat over the grass field. If not, it will be quite grossed to do yoga on the grass field especially after the rain.

I did the sun salutations and a bit of the moon salutation as I know my body could not take it after doing so many of the underdog stunts. The cat stunts, child pose, mountain pose, cobra pose, the pose with elbow bend and the body on the floor and na-mus-tey pose. and inhale and exhale at the right time and posture.

My knowledge of yoga is quite limited and the yoga instructors mentioned that everybody’s different. Sun salutation is to give the person energy while moon salutation is to balance the energy. Balance is very important for yoga. So I must try to balance it with the right postures to get the right energy.

Looking forward to join the next Yoga bythesea event next year. Haha. Meanwhile I better start practising on the yoga postures which I learn and correct my wrong postures.

that’s all folks.

Walk For Rice 2010 at South East

Do you wish to do your part for charity by just walking? here’s a chance for you to do so by just walking. For every 100m walk, NTUC fairprice will donate 1 bowl for rice.

So what are you waiting for? Just come by to following NTUC fairprice branches at Joo Chiat Complex, Eastpoint, Tampines Mall or Whitesands to take part in the walking activities while doing your part for the charity for the needy on either 23 or 30 Oct 2010, between 2pm and 6pm.

I am planning to do my part as a charity to walk and donate bowls of rice. I remembered my mum did fold more than 100 cranes for the fold a crane and the rice company will donate a bowl of rice per crane folded.

just walk for a good cause. hope you can consider to take part in such a meaningful event.

Too lazy to take part in the walk? Why not buy some of the featured items on the newspaper ads which was published on fri, 22 Oct 2010?

if I am too busy to do my part for the walk, most probably I will buy follow me shampoo from any ntuc fairprice branch and do my part for the charity. Fairprice will donate 1bowl of rice per featured items on the newspaper.

So what are you waiting for? Do your part for the charity if you can.

That’s all folks.

Busy weekend for me at Suntec this week

Haha, I needed to go Suntec from 16-17oct 2010 for some events.

1st, I have to attend some talks and learn on talks on health related issues.

2nd there is a Traditional chinese medicine expo there and I went there to take a peek and see what they are selling.

3rd, I went for the warehouse sale to look out for special offers for the items they are selling.

4th, I went to see the venue of the Sudoku Student category challenge.

5th, i went to see whether carrefoure is having special offer for some of the items.

6th, I went to register for the Passion walk at the Sketcher store but it is $2 more expensive than registering online as I do not own credit card at all.

7th: I did not have the time to go up to level 3 of the suntec as there are quite a lot of people queue up for something. Not so sure whether is it for the I-weekly magazine campaign.

8th: I thought of visiting the malaysia travel event near the TCM expo but due to time constraint, I had to go home after the health talks ended.

Will be coming back to Suntec tomorrow again. I am so happy to be l of the 100 finalists in the Singapore Open category for Sudoku challenge. I cant wait for my fingers to be itched to fill up the papers with the correct numbers. This is my 1st time participating in this event and I am pretty honored. Hahaha.

If anyone knows other places organises any sudoku challenges/competition for the public, please let me know as  I will be most probably interested to take part in those.

Do not know whether I will have the time to visit the open house at the Supreme court and City hall after the competition ends.

Wish me luck and that’s all folks. Time for me to squeeze my brain juices out. =)

Halloween’s coming soon!!!!

hahaha. are you ready for treats or trick? Hahaha. are you ready to be scared by those scary creatures?
hahaha. are you ready for the orange black season?

anyway, I just happened to be born on halloween as I refused to come out of my mother’s womb. so it is easily to plan out a orange and black theme event for me. Look at my blog and you will understand why I chose orange and black.

Singapore will be organising exciting halloween related events at different parts of singapore. Like Downtown east, Night safari and sentosa.

So are you all ready for the treats or tricks? Just give out the candies will do. (just joking).

enjoy the celebrations ahead. Weee….