Go Go Singapore!!! let’s cheer for it

Go Go Singapore!!! I heard about this campaign and this song. It is great as this is sung by our very talent local group, Juz B. well done as this song comes in time with Commonwealth games and upcoming Asian Games this year.

Now it is commonwealth games at Delhi and are you all planning to cheer for Singapore? Well done Singapore for achieving 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze for the shooting event.

so happy to receive updates of the games through SMSes when Team Singapore is taking part in major sporting event in or outside Singapore.

I took a bus today and passed by National Stadium. I saw part of the National Stadium are being demolished (just like cutting a piece of chiffon cake). Cannot wait for the new Sports Hub to come. So excited.

Joining a video contest is easy but doing it is a bit tough. It is difficult to produce music video that will need me to incorporate moves and grooves as I do not look good in this to show my ideas of cheering for Singapore. Haha. People do wear red and/or white t-shirts as well as Singpaore flag for such events. Some people do not have the money to travel to the country to watch the games, thus, they choose to watch the games on TV. (very convenient right?)

If  you have seen my previous blog post about Singapore Youth Olympics , do look out as one of the items may appear in the music video that I am trying to make. I really not that good in producing videos nor good in chereography. I am just an ordinary person who is trying to learn during the process of planning and doing the video as well as supporting Team Singapore. As I am very supportive of sports events and watching sports.

That’s all folks.


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