Busy weekend for me at Suntec this week

Haha, I needed to go Suntec from 16-17oct 2010 for some events.

1st, I have to attend some talks and learn on talks on health related issues.

2nd there is a Traditional chinese medicine expo there and I went there to take a peek and see what they are selling.

3rd, I went for the warehouse sale to look out for special offers for the items they are selling.

4th, I went to see the venue of the Sudoku Student category challenge.

5th, i went to see whether carrefoure is having special offer for some of the items.

6th, I went to register for the Passion walk at the Sketcher store but it is $2 more expensive than registering online as I do not own credit card at all.

7th: I did not have the time to go up to level 3 of the suntec as there are quite a lot of people queue up for something. Not so sure whether is it for the I-weekly magazine campaign.

8th: I thought of visiting the malaysia travel event near the TCM expo but due to time constraint, I had to go home after the health talks ended.

Will be coming back to Suntec tomorrow again. I am so happy to be l of the 100 finalists in the Singapore Open category for Sudoku challenge. I cant wait for my fingers to be itched to fill up the papers with the correct numbers. This is my 1st time participating in this event and I am pretty honored. Hahaha.

If anyone knows other places organises any sudoku challenges/competition for the public, please let me know as  I will be most probably interested to take part in those.

Do not know whether I will have the time to visit the open house at the Supreme court and City hall after the competition ends.

Wish me luck and that’s all folks. Time for me to squeeze my brain juices out. =)


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