Happy Halloween and movie review for the Owls

Hope you all enjoy the halloween weekend!!!!!!

I did enjoy mine too. Haha. I went Golden Village Marina Square to watch The Legend of Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole by using the movie voucher that I won from a contest. Some of the characters look scary in this movie. But I like Soren very much since the start of the movie. Haha.

Heard the soundtrack of the movie “To the sky” during the movie. I guessed the song was sung by Owl City, which I am right. Because it is more suitable for Owl City to sing the theme song for an animated owl movie. The song is great and suitable for Soren. Haha.

Anyway, the animation of the movie is great. Some parts are funny and some parts can be quite emotional. Great effects by Warner Bro and a good starter of Road Runner and Coyote. I saw Road Runner and Coyote look better than the animation on TV as it is the usage of the computer technology to create such great effects.

Soren's sister

So Cute right?

Red eyes with masks and evil eerie feeling from Kludd, the elder brother of Soren, and Metalbeak versus the angelic Soren and cute Elangtine. It really suits the theme of halloween if you are  planning to watch it soon. This movie is series of the novel, Legends of the Guardians. I am not sure whether there will be sequels for this in the future.

Why not can and watch this movie when you are free? It is one of the good animated movie I seen.

That’s all folks!


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