Eye Mask Review – Clarus

Eye mask

Eye Mask

I bought this eye mask from Watson. 3pairs at $1.95. About this mask, sometimes there is discrepancies of how the mask was packed. for example, 1 pair of mask has pads for right side of the eyes. not for both sides.

the good thing that each pair of eye mask is packed into this packaging as well as stick onto my undereye while I am sleeping. No hassle or worries that it will drop off from my face while sleeping. Haha.

After usage, my eyes look better and improved slightly. Guess that it is time to adjust my lifestyle to sleep well as eyes do tell people whether you are aging or not.

that’s all folks.


Cozycot Birthday Bash

CozyCot 9th Birthday Bash - A Beauty & Fashion Celebration for every Woman  December 4, 2010 4pm-9pm

Come and join the party now!!! Go to Cozycot 9th Birthday bash website for more details. It’s going be an exciting day ahead. Do book the date with Cozycot on 4 Dec 2010.

That’s all, folks!!!

All I need is a good facial mask

Felt so tired recently. Skin looks very tired and now showing signs of aging without sufficient maintenance.

so need some beauty regime to moisturize my skin with my masks besides the basic cleanse-tone-moisturise. to make myself look better with brighter and happier looking skin. Haha.

End off with this photo (very unglam) haha. I was using watson’s lavender mask for soothing skin as my skin is quite sensitive. My skin felt oily after usage.

that’s all folks.


So unglam of me with mask

Urban Homme Finale on 11 nov 2010

St James Power StationThis is my 2nd visit to St James Power Station to attend an event, thanks to omy.sg. My 1st visit there was Lee Min Ho’s meet and greet session. I think many fans still remembers that he loves to eat chilli crabs. :-).

Ok, back to Urban Homme. I walked all the way from my workplace to St James Power Station. It was about 4km long since I still had the time and I went Vivocity to do some window shopping but did not bring much cash along. Haha. I love to walk if I have the time.

Urban Homme provides beauty/trim & fit services for the males living in the city area. It is difficult to make themselves to look great and fit at this stressful city life. Life is really about work and rest and people just do not have the time to keep themselves look great and fit. 6 lucky contestants got a chance to make themselves look great.

This is how they look before they started the treatment. they are urban males with busy lives.

The board outside the Boiler Room looks great right? That is part of the end product after 4 weeks of pampering treatments for the contestants.End Product

Reflected that my face looks horrid with enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples (less frequent nowadays) and tired skin. Better need to enhance my beauty regiment with great products as well as reduce my puffy eyes.

Took a cranberry juice drink after entry into the Boiler Room, while waiting for the show to start. I was trying to taste something different from fruit punches and orange juice. Do note that pubs do offer non-alcoholic drinks too.Cranberry Juice

Also received a kiss tag from Omy. Not going to tell you who I voted for during the Urban Homme finale. Shhh… (of course it’s one of the 6 contestants)


The show was great and entertaining with great bods, funny moves and attempts to get votes from the voters. as well as a great improvement seen on the contestants themselves. (the photos look blur as I used my handphone to take so I am not going to post it)

Thanks to Omy.sg for the wonderful invite.

I think I better start to lose some weight to make myself look great. Haha.

That’s all folks.

16th Asian Games

I have submitted my sticker at Seng kang community library for Team Singapore. Have you?

I have not been blogging for the past few days due to my gastric problems. Taken antacids.

The opening ceremony for the Asian Games 2010 was spectacular and better than expected. I am pretty glad to watch part of the performances on TV.

I was very happy that Tao Li had won a silver medal and billards/snooker player has won a bronze medal. Well done, Team Singapore.

I am quite shock that 1 of the participant is a pregnant lady from Korea and she managed to get some gold medals for shooting.

I hope team Singapore will win some medals for the Asian games. Haha. Wish them all the best despite that I am still not feeling well.

That’s all folks.

Clean and Green Carnival 2010 @ Sengkang

This is the 1st time Clean and Green Carnival 2010 to be held at Sengkang, near Compass point.

Captain Green

Captain Green

IT will be held on 6 & 7 November 2010. There will be performances by various groups, games booths, booths selling recycled crafts/items, booths that promote clean & green movement and people of all ages attending the event. There are also some interesting exhibitions on taking public transport as well as how to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials.

I played a few games while roaming there. Forgot to bring 3 bottles for recycling at the machine. But it is okay as I still can go other places like selected NTUC branches to recycle them or throw them into the recycling bins.

Have you heard of t-shirts made of plastic bottles? There’s a booth selling t-shirt made of plastic bottles. So perhaps in the future, many of us maybe wearing t-shirts made plastic walking on the streets.

So why waiting? Can join in the fun and learn more about the clean and green environment and how to sustain it. Play some games and have fun watching and learning more information and that will be great! tomorrow is the last day of the carnival as it will be from 9am to 6pm.

Just to end this off with some of the crafts made of recycled bottles and cans, and video tapes?? and all of them look great. Don’t you think so?

Umbrella + ManPondering???

That’s all folks.