Charlie St. Cloud Movie Review

I watched Charlie St. Cloud a month ago after attending sports carnival near the movie complex area. When I 1st saw the advertisement at Cathay movie complex, I got attached by the scenes and sailing partly because singapore is quite good in sailing and the seaside as I live near the sea.

This movie starts with the St. Cloud brothers competing with other competitors in a sailing competition. After that, charlie and his brother, Samuel, got into an accident while on the way to venue and Samuel died.

But before samuel passed away, Charlie did made a promise that he will accompany samuel to practise baseball, which is samuel’s favorite sports.

After samuel passed away, Charlie chose to fulfil his promise and gave up his scholarship, by working at the cemetry and had the ability to see ghost/spirit.

I felt very touched by his move and he is indeed a good brother and felt guilty of his younger brother’s death. the 2 actors do have great chemistry when they are together. This is the part which attached me to watch this movie.

After he saw the paramedic who saved him, he decided to make a decision which changed his life and save someone’s life. which is quite meaningful.

It is quite a good movie and quite worth to watch it as life is worth for living. Even though there are so many obstacles for me to overcome, I still hope to make my life worth for living by helping out in events and do something which I really enjoy and reduce the negative mindsets and thoughts.

that’s all folks.


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