Tron Legacy on Facebook

Just came upon Tron Legacy on Facebook and I clicked “Like” the Tron: Legacy fan page on my facebook account. You can visit the page Tron SG Facebook Fanpage here:

I played with one of the 3 applications featured on Tron facebook. I have chosen to play with Get on the Grid. Haha.
Facebook application

Then I was asked to upload my photo from either take live from webcam, or upload from hard disk or facebook. so I tried it out with one of my profile pictures onto this application.

And then I click continue to proceed to the next part which is the video and I watched it. It is so GREAT and looks so real and I was quite surprised with this video. Haha. I, myself, was featured inside this video, riding a bike and racing against with the other guy. I simply cannot imagine that. And i enjoyed watching this video.

You can feel free to view the video below. Hope you enjoy it! =)

by the way, Tron: Legacy is coming soon to Singapore on 16 Dec 2010. Must catch it on cinemas!
For more details, please go to

That’s all folks.


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