Movie: Tron Legacy

Thank you Nuffnang for the invite to watch Tron Legacy on 13 Dec 2011 at The Cathay. I invited my friend to watch this 3D movie with me. This was the 1st time watching 3D movie. Sounds cool, right?

Of course, need to get 3D glasses before I enter the cinema hall. Without wearing 3D-glass, some images will appear blur. But with the 3D-glasses, we can see some of those images with 3D-effect and looks more real.

Tron: Legacy starred with Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, Garett Hedlund as Kevin Flynn’s son, Sam Flynn, Bruce Boxleitner as ENCOM executive cum good friend of Kevin Flynn and Voice of Tron and Olivia Wilde as Quorra.

Tron: Legacy is somehow a continuation of Tron the movie, but not totally linked. Tron was 28 years ago and it was a major flop then. Quite a lot of money were invested in the production of Tron then. But now as computer IT has advanced, the production of Tron: Legacy was much easier than Tron.

Tron started off with Kevin Flynn in 1982 and it was a flop even though quite a lot of money was invested in this Sci-fi fantasy movie and the character in the game had to play lethal games to survive. That time, the technology was not that good and advanced.

In Tron: Legacy, it started in 1989 when Kevin Flynn was playing with his son, Sam Flynn. And after that he went somewhere and was missing ever since and could not be found physically. Kevin Flynn’s a video game designer.

Why he was missing? As the story progresses, we found out that he was zapped into a server by a tyrannical computer programme that he created. Kevin Flynn was missing for 20 years as he was struck inside the computer. The data in the computer is the creation of Kevin’s world of technology. He designed a clone of him to help him to create the world, however, things went wrong during the process and thus he could not return back to be with his son.

During the movie, Sam Flynn experienced what his father faced. Sam was also zapped into his father’s creation and had to play lethal games, just to survive. He met some1 who looked like his father but it was not his father but the clone that his father created. Sam did met his father eventually but it was a short while only.

Beside that, there are many twists and turns shown in this movie. Who to trust and betrayals. All characters have a special disc to store their memories too.  The best part of this movie was the bond of the father and son and their short-lived reunion.

Of course the best is to watch this movie in 3D due to the wonderful effect and how real the grids looked like on the movie soon. I also liked the thrills and excitement of the plot of this movie and how the main protagonists (Sam, Kevin and Quorra) managed to escape from the clone of Kevin Flynn (the evil antagonist of the movie).

I would rate 4 star out of 5 for this wonderful movie.



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