Dress Me Facial Mask Review

I had received a letter from thesamplestore.sg.

Can you guess what is inside?

Haha! That’s Dress Me Facial Mask. I received 3 of out 7 flavors from the Dress Me facial mask series. They are Revitalise & Firming Mask, Whitening and Revive Mask and Whitening and Brightening Mask.

Dress Me Facial Masks

Dress Me Facial Masks that I got from the sample store

I am very happy to be chosen to review these masks as well as get a better looking skin. My hectic and busy schedule also make my skin look dull and tired. I have chosen these 3 masks because I do suntan and sometimes I forgot to apply sunblock lotion (thus I have some melanin spots on my face), I do not have sufficient sleep almost everyday (sleep late, wake up early) and tired looking and sagging skin.

I have not try out Dress Me facial mask yet. Haha.

These are the 2 Dress Me Facial Mask that I have chosen to review on:

Whitening & Revive, Revitalising & Firming


1.Whitening and Revive Mask

Me with Whitening and Revive Mask

This is my 1st time using Dress Me Facial Mask – Whitening and Revive.

Sorry about the technical glitch that I could not upload those photos from my phone SD card onto the computer. but I do like the plastic cover that was attached onto the mask so that the mask will be intact in its shape and easily to put on the mask onto the face.

me with whitening and revive mask

Although it is slightly slanted while I put it onto my face, but after usage, my skin looks slightly better and I could see some whitening effects with brighter looking skin. I used some of the essence and massage onto my neck as well. It does not make my skin look red or feel painful during and after usage of the mask as I do have sensitive skin.

For those who have sensitive skin, you can consider to try this mask to achieve better looking skin.

2. Revitalising & Firming Mask

Me with Revitalising & Firming Mask

Revitalising & Firming Mask. I felt that I need to do revitalise my skin as well as making it look firmer as my skin is sagging.

Review: Easy to tear out packaging. This mask has a nice scent. I like the scent. Easy to apply onto the face with the aid of the plastic sheet and fit it onto my face nicely. Essence amount’s okay and use the excess to massage onto my neck. After usage, my skin looks better and brighter.

For those who needs some firming for their skin, you can try this out.


That’s all folks.


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