Katy Perry: Fireworks and some reflection on life

I love this song when I 1st hear it on the TV. Fireworks is really a motivating song which really motivate me and suits me as I really felt I was treated like a disposable trash or a plastic bag to be thrown by some people who chose not to treasure me in the past.

Everybody is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses and sparkle in different ways. Just like fireworks. Some can sparkle green sparks. Some blue sparks. Some are white. Some can be red. While we also can see yellow and pink sparks.

For example, my sister. She can be blur some times but she is very good in reboot and re-installing computer systems unlike me who do not know how to re-install computer systems.

People can use their strengths to overcome weaknesses and help other people. Sometimes, we only get to see other side of the person through certain situations and crisis. So we must appreciate our special strengths that we have, and with the special strengths, we can be a more confident person. Am I right?

Hope to share this song to motivate other people and myself to be sparkled and be like those fireworks to show people that everyone can excel in some special ways.

It is a great song with meaningful lyrics as well as great tunes and difficulty in singing this song with a higher pitch. I would rate 4.5 out of 5 stars for this song.

That’s all folks.


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