Nokia Ovi App

I attended the Nokia Ovi Application workshop organised by nuffnang. Nokia Ovi allows blogger to create application to allow people to view blogsites on their mobile phone. Especially for nokia phone users who can access to Ovi store using mobile broadband service.

I got a chance to experience and experiment out this application and it looks quite cool. Prior to the workshop, I have used paint software to create my logo for the application. It does not look great although I spent less than 15 mins to create this logo and I do not like arts nor good in drawing. Well, i just used some of those colours to express my blog theme which is usage of different colours. Colours may represent moods or experiences or other things in life.

Feel free to visit this link at and add this application onto your mobile handsets. It is free of charge for this application download as long as you own a nokia phone.

Using a mobile phone to view blogsites can be quite convenient after the downloading of the application. Just download it and store the application and this application will add as short cut to the link. Is not it great?

This is how it looks like when you visit in online (mobile phone version should be slightly smaller than this) and depending on the size of the screen of the phone. Is not it great?

That’s all folks.


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