2011 Diary from Red Cross/HSA

I collected my 2011 diary from HSA as I had donated my blood this year. I did not expect to get 2011 diary as my christmas gift for donating blood.

This diary planner contents tips and how the donors feel after donating their blood. It is not a painful process as I have donated my blood twice.

Here’s some of the glimpse of the tips and contents found in this planner.

And this motivate me to donate my blood more regularly. However, I will need to see my schedule, the time and the venue of the mobile blood donation drive, my body condition and I need plenty of rest and fluids after donation of my blood.

I remembered my 1st time donating my blood is to find out my own blood type as ICA (last time was SIR) had stopped their blood typing service then.

By the way, most of the regular blood donors are male. However, more females are encouraged to donate their blood if they are fit and healthy and weighed 45kg and above. Blood donation is only taking about around or less than 1/10 of the total blood volume. Those donated blood can be processed and save some people’s lives.

For more information of blood donation drive, you can refer to My paper (free bilingual publication from SPH) or visit this site at http://www.hsa.gov.sg on blood donation requirements as well as www.donorcare.org for the latest schedules for mobile blood donation drive.


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