CuSkin BB Cream + Whitening Cream Review

Received CuSkin BB Cream from Dione International. Thank you for letting me trying out your products.

Letter from Cuskin


Here’s what is inside the letter!

BB Cream and Pure Whitening cream sample as well as the information booklet.

I tried out the BB cream and Pure Whitening cream. And here’s how I look before I use the BB cream & Pure whitening cream sample. (I may look unglam).

Me with no make-up or bb cream applied onto my face

After the application of BB cream + whitening cream, here’s how I look.

After applying BB + Whitening cream

Can you see how much the difference between these 2 pictures shown above? My face looks much fairer and there is some glow after using the product. Besides that, applying BB cream makes it more easily to apply make up too.

Why not try Cuskin today? You can go to selected Unity Pharmacy and get CuSkin.

that’s all folks.


What’s my idea for a perfect Sunday?

NICE WEATHER. No bad rainy day ahead nor too hot that makes it sweaty and smelly. Cool, nice and breezy will do. Makes me happy. =)

NO NEED to work on Sunday. It should be an off-day to make it a perfect Sunday.

NO NEED to wake up early. That will be a perfect Sunday. Rest is important after 5-6 days of work.

NICE SCENERY. It is good to see such a nice scenery as it helps to relax our minds and not to think so much about stressful urban lifestyle. Interact with the nature is one of the best to help to relax our minds on a perfect Sunday.

ENJOY what I really ENJOY. Perfect Sunday is all about enjoying what I really like. Like eating my favorite food, watching my favorite shows, listenong to music, exercising, reading, writing, going to my favorite hangout places and enjoy the activities ahead. As well as spending time with my loved ones and have FUN.

OF course, NO BAD NEWS. Bad news will spoil the mood of a perfect Sunday.

So what are your ideas for a perfect Sunday?

Sentosa Flowers (圣淘沙春节花会) 2011

This year Sentosa Flowers will be from 3 – 13 Feb 2011. It will be opened from 10am – 10pm. Venue of the exhibitions will be at Sentosa Boardwalk, Resorts Word™ Sentosa, Merlion Plaza, Imbiah Lookout. Free entry to the event but Do note that island admission charges applicable.

Spring is in the air. This Lunar New Year, Sentosa transforms into an incredible floral wonderland filled with brilliant colors, textures and sweet scents from the season.

Sentosa Flowers 2011 is themed “Spring Wonderland” (奇幻花屿世界) and will feature more than 200 types of flowers, plants and trees from around the world. In an East-meets-West twist, Sentosa Flowers 2011 blends a whimsical fairy-tale world with traditional Zodiac characters. Spanning across the newly-open Boardwalk, Resorts World Sentosa, Merlion Plaza and Imbiah Lookout, this award-winning floral extravaganza promises a blooming good time for you and your family! (For more information, please visit

I will be visiting Sentosa during 1 of those days. I had visited Sentosa for Sentosa Flowers event since 2007 (Year of Pig). So it looked different when I visit Sentosa yearly for Chinese New Year event. One time it was yellow flower background while the picture below was pink coloured one.

Peak periods will be on the 1st few days of Chinese New Year for this event. So do plan your schedule as I had a bad experience last year when my mother insisited to go Sentosa on 1st day of Chinese New Year for the event when the Sentosa Island was too overcrowded and we could not enter the island.

That’s all folks. Hope you all will have fun seeing those exhibition from 3-13 Feb 2011 at Sentosa.

Super Junior Concert Coming to Spore

Ahnyeong Haseyo! 안녕하세요! Are you excited for the Super Junior Concert coming to Singapore on 29 and 30 January 2011 at Singapore Indoor Stadium? 29 January 2011 concert will start at 6.30pm while 30 January 2011 at 4.30pm. It is their 1st time holding a Super Show concert in Singapore!!!!

Super Junior has the moves and the grooves as well as singing. It was made up of 13 members initially. But with their 10-men team, Super Junior is still staying strong and good.

Let’s be groovy to one of their famous hit, “Sorry, Sorry”. Oh Oh…

Of course they won’t be singing just Sorry Sorry. They will also sing other songs too during the concert. Such as Bonamana and No other.

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Very excited for the Korean wave, right? For those who got the SuJu SS3 concert tickets, just sit back and enjoy the show.

Come’on and join in the fun now by liking omyfan now and post your comments and get as many likes as possible if you wants to win the SuJu SS3 concert tickets. =)

허 (Heo/Huh/許)-san signing off… That’s all folks.

Coming to Rabbits’ year, with pet rabbits’ display

Chinese New Year is coming soon in about 1.5 weeks. So what are you planning to do over for the next few days before Chinese New Year?

Rabbits, kawaii

Do you wish to see the rabbits and skinny pigs at Suntec City Mall from now till 30 Jan?  So if you wish to see the Flemish Giant Rabbits, and other adorable rabbits and curious to find out how the skinny pigs look like, do come over to Suntec City and see them. (Do note that no photography of those animals is allowed). More information’s below.

I had seen the skinny pigs and flemish rabbits, and other adorable rabbits at Parkway Parade roadshow on 16 Jan 2011. I rarely see how huge and big rabbits in my whole entire life. and I did not know there are rabbits with different fur colours, besides white and brown. There are black and grey rabbits too.

If you are interested, come’on down to Suntec City Mall, Tropic atrium to see those adorable animals today.

That’s all folks.

What’s the most important thing?

To me, what is the most important thing is to save the Earth. Saving the Gaia. If we do not save the Earth, what can we do?

Why I think it is important to save the Earth? We are living on this planet called the Earth. Earth is the home in this solar system.

Anyone heard of the El Nino and El Nina effects on the Earth due to global warming? Rain at drylands or non-monsoon seasons. Hot during monsoon seasons or turning farmlands into barren lands? Or instead of bushfires, there is floods during the summer season as you all heard about the Brisbane floods in Australia, as well as Victoria?

How about the melting of ice caps at the North Pole region as well as the Antartica? The melting of those ice caps will cause many problems. Floods, rising of water levels, lesser fresh water, lose of home for those polar bears, even hotter weather as there are lesser ice and white items to help to reduce the heat from the sun.

How to reduce the greenhouse effect? I am glad that there is solar power panels to help to convert solar energy into electrical instead of using fuel and other resources which will increase the emission of carbon gases. Less greenhouse gases = cooler temperature.

How to reduce, reuse and recycle? It will be difficult. But there are refill packs available as well as many companies practice these 3Rs, which is great.

How to educate the people and change the mindset of the people on loving the Earth is very important. It will be very difficult to change the mindset of the people. Earth is the place we live in. Once we ruin it, we will find it difficult to save it in the future.

Guess I would want to find a way to save the Gaia as well as reflect on my actions to make the Earth a better place to live in. Thus I am planning to save some $ to donate for the garden city fund as well as buy a tree and plant it.

How about you and what’s the most important thing to you?