List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.

3 countries I would like to visit:
1. Australia
2. Switzerland
3. New Zealand

Why I want to go?
1. Australia
I want to visit to Three Sisters mountain, Tasmania, Darwin and Brisbane.

Bribane area in Queensland has many theme parks like Warner Bro’s World, Nickelodeon. I like Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters so much at Warner Bro’s World, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick the Star as well as Nickelodeon Characters as Nickelodeon.

Australia has Great Barrier Reef where I can see the beautiful corals as well as the sea creatures. Wow.

Australia is also a home to many marsupials such as Kangaroos, Koalas, as well as having most species of (you know what) = CROCODILES. I would want to feed those Kangaroos and hug those koala bears.

Australia has fresh fruits such as strawberries and oranges unlike Singapore. As well as production of ice cream. I love Ice cream. And i heard some of their products taste great.

I also like to try their farmstay to experience the farm. Singapore has very little farms.

Darwin is located in the Northern Territory where by it is the hottest part of Australia. Most of the aborigines live there and I can experience the rich Australian cultures. Like Bookmerang where people use it to throw and aim for something. As well as seeing crocodiles (woo…)

Tasmania is an island located at the south of Australia Mainland. I know Singapore channel 8 showed the beautiful sight of Tasmania (with Bryan Wong Lok Kiang).

Thus, I hope to get a field of how Australia is like and experience the interesting culture.

2. Switzerland
Alps. French+German+Italian+Romansch+bits of English. Great chocolates. Ooohhh.

Great places and cheesy. I watched the Amazing Race 3 and it showed many beautiful places in the Swiss region especially Swiss Alps. As well as other great food there too.

It has the great workmanship for watches and knives.

Beside that, it is known to be the headquarters of certain organisations and I hope to experience the greatness of this country.

Great place for me to visit. Heard their Alps water are quite fresh. I scare the global warming will make those beautiful ice gone for good and no more Alpine water.

3. New Zealand
It has rich Maori culture at the Northern Island, Auckland. If you know Haka, that is part of the Maori culture. I hope to experience part of that culture and can get a feel when people rub their noses as part of the greetings.

It has Kiwi birds too. I would like to see them as they are cute.

Sheeps and farmstay. I would love to try that. Especially touching those sheeps. Their wool are so wooly. Haha.

That the reason why I want to visit these places. How about you?


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