My Everyday Hair Issues


About my everyday hair issues, I do have quite a lot of problems. I have oily hair scalp, dry hair, frizzy hair, hair ends curls up, white hair and hair loss. My hair is getting thinner and lesser. Last time I used to have a lot of hair that people gave me a nickname of pompom.

About oily hair scalp, I would say it can be due to my diet as I tend to eat oily food stuff and stressful working life. Bad diet may produce bad-looking hair. Many people said oily scalp is one of the causes of hair losses, which I agreed with. In order to treat oily scalp, some of the shampoo products will cause the hair ends to be dried out (like me).

my dry ends

For white hair, I do not know the main reason but I know it can be caused by genetic or stress. But I rarely use hair dye as a solution to treat my white hair products as it really makes my hair dry after usage. I only dyed my hair once to cover the white hairs. When my mum saw some white hairs on my head, she will immediately pluck it off. People said pluck 1 strand of white hair will grow 3 strands. Thus, I do not pluck off to reduce more white hair from growing.

my hair issues

Since towards the end of 2009, my hair started to drop more frequently.
You can see how my hair look like from the photo that was taken quite recently (shown above and below).

how bad is my hair loss

I saw many strands of my hair dropped off while shampooing, combing, brushing my hair and tying my hair. As well as newer hair growth is lesser than before. My hair follicles are thinner and hair strands are also thinner than before.

Many people said tying my hair tightly will have a higher tendency of hair loss. I agree as there will be tension pulling the hair off from the follicles. I have to tie my hair due to the nature of my work as well as my hair strands are thicker yet curling hair ends which make my hair look slightly like a lion hair. Thus I do not dare to go out with my hair not being tied up.

Use iron thongs too often while pulling the hair with too much force will also make hair to drop more easily. Thus, I rarely use it due to my hair loss problem. You can see how bad my hair loss is from the photo below.

I have to rely on anti-frizz hair serum and some styling gel and hair products to keep my hair in shape but it only last for a period of time. As well as wash my hair frequent to prevent hair loss from oily scalp.

I have Curly hair ends too. It makes me not able to keep short fringe as it cannot keep its shape and messy after running or rushing. So I have to pin up my fringe.

Look at how much hair I lost to shampooing.

my Hair

With such hair issues, this makes me look very old and unglam. I hope my hair will be straighter, stronger yet no need for rebonding or straightening and I can keep my fridge and make me younger with a stronger and better looking hair as well as lesser white hair.

That’s all folks.


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