USports Conference 2011

U Sports Conference 2011 Board

This is my 1st time attending Usports Conference organised by USports NTUC at ITE Bishan Campus. I paid $15 early bird fee for this conference to find out more about sports and gain new knowledge.

ITE Bishan

ITE Bishan is quite a distance from the bus interchange and MRT station. I  took 2 buses from my home to reach there as I know bus 53 goes there.

Metal Bridges and lift

This school has quite a few metal bridges linking from one side of the building to another. I only managed to take a few of those photos.

I gained quite a lot of knowledge about sports, sports event management, sports biomechanics, sports marketing and get a chance to try out for sports which I never hear of before. Discover Martial Arts – Sports Chanbara. I was curious about what is really this sports.

All partipants had choices to attend all the seminars and a few of the workshops. I got to try out Sports Chanbara (スポーツチャンバラ). Sports Chanbara is a Japanese Martial Arts that is still quite new in Singapore.

The word chanbara (チャンバラ) in Japanese literature means sword fight. Chanbara is an abbreviated form of chanchan barabara: the first half is mimesis for the sound of swords clashing.

It involves people using a sword-look-alike weapon or long weapons which is quite light and the body of that is filled with air. (Too bad I did not take photo of how it looks). Furthermore, it does not hurt people at all when it is used to hit people’s head and other body parts. Unlike Karate and other martial arts.

My new sports chanbara skills still quite bad even though I have background in Karate but I have not practise karate for more than 2 years due to my busy schedule (guess my skills for karate stunts are getting rusty but I still can perform my kicks quite well).

Sports Chanbara does not need people with martial arts background to perform well  for sparrings (fighting). As I need to use my body actions and the “sword” or the weapon to prevent the opponent by “slashing” me. Once I am being “slashed”, I am out of the game.

I heard that Sports Chanbara is offered at one of the community centres in Khatib area. Another is at the western side of Singapore but I am not sure on the venue. For more information, feel free to visit

U Sports Shoe Bag

Received my goodie bag for the event. It is a shoe bag with some interesting things. Here’s one of the interesting items. I can use it to squeeze while donating my blood.

Squeeze ball

Guess I need to spend more time to sharpen my motor skills by exercising as I know exercise our body really make our brain work better. So let’s exercise to keep our mind and body fit. But of course we cannot overexert ourselves too. Just choose those which suit the best.

For more information on USports and its events, please visit

That’s all folks.


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