World Occupational Therapy Day on 11 Jan

World Occupational Therapy Day is held on 11 Jan 2011 yearly and I was glad that I was able to take part in some of the activities within my short lunch break.

I tried to fold a paper crane with 1 hand but it was difficult as I still do not know how to fold a paper crane (unlike my mum who is very good). So I requested to fold a paper heart with 1hand as I knew I could fold paper heart better than paper crane.

the heart i folded with my left hand

While folding the paper heart, I could feel that it was quite difficult to use only 1 hand to do things fast. Some stroke patients have 1sided weakness and have difficulties to eat, walk and move about.

Beside this paper folding activities, there were other booths showcasing equipments used for patients who need rehabilitative assistance as well as bathroom safety so that people do not fall in the slippery environment by the occupational therapists.

Do appreciate your health that Health is Wealth. And say Kudos to the occupational therapists who guide the rehabilitative patients for teaching them what to do back to their usual lifestyle and recovery.

Got this stretch band from this event which can be used for doing stretching exercises. So cool. Haha.

stretch band

That’s all folks.


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