National Life Saving Day 2011

This was the 1st National Life Saving Day held in Singapore on 16 January 2011.

This event was organised by National Resusciation Council, Singapore Heart Foundation, ITE colleges, People’s Association and various public hospitals.

This event attempts to train up to 10000 (10 thousand) public members on CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) using Mini-Anne CPR kit withing 2 sessions (AM and PM).

So what is the importance of CPR? There are quite a lot of people who collapse yet was not assessed immediately. There are many reasons why people collapse, some fainted or black out while some have heart problems. With immediate assessment, and quick administration of medical help, I believe that more lives can be saved quickly with the administration of CPR and medical help.

I had registered online prior to the event after my friend told me about the event that she saw on expo website.

I would say it is not that easy to master how to do CPR well within a short period. Furthermore, there may be some modification of how people need to do CPR after every few years. Thus people need to re-certify their cert every few years on CPR.

Last time people only need to do 4 cycles of 15 compressions to 2 blows per cycle. But now, it is 5 cycles of 30 compressions to 2 blows per cycle. And people have to keep the casualty’s airway still while getting some blows.

I tried to practise CPR on the mini-Anne dummy. It is totally different from the big Anne manikit that I used to practise with during my secondary school days.

I would say the big Anne manikit will be slightly tougher to do multiple compressions compared to the mini-Anne. But easily to give ventilations than mini-Anne. I was nearly out of breath if I did not cover the mini-Anne’s mouth properly as well as my wrist hurts as I did not place my palm at the right location. Placing at the right location at the sternum is quite important after a series of compression as well as right body posture while administer CPR will not tire your body.

Got this goodie bag after the session. It contained a manual of CPR and why people need CPR. Quite interesting. As well as I got some interesting items inside the bag.

You do not need to be a medical staff to learn how to do CPR. Anyone can learn how to do CPR if they have correct practice to make it perfect. Even if you cannot do CPR and you see a collapse person, do help if you can by calling ambulance and get AED. Don’t just stand there and watch the show.

That’s all folks.


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