Shinee’s Lucifer & Jelena Karleusa’s version = same melody?

I got addicted to this song after I heard this song, Lucifer by Shinee. Haha.

However, I was quite shocked that a Serbian singer, Jelena Karleusa, also has a song with almost the same tune. I do not understand Serbia but it also sounded almost the same as Lucifer.

I do not know what to say. But i know quite a couple of the S.H.E. songs also have the same tune with some of the songs such as Britney Spear’s Everytime has the same tune as Bie Shuo Dui Bu Qi. Ms Universe from S.H.E is a cover of a song with the same melody.

Some of the tunes do have copyright issues. Some companies do asked for permission. Some do not. Some composers decided to sell their tune to people who want it. Some only sell to 1. Thus there are some problems with melodies. It is not easily to compose melodies, as what I would say.

If use the works of other people, it is best to seek permission 1st.

Just to end my blog with this song.

Click here to view the video at

That’s all folks.


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