What’s the most important thing?

To me, what is the most important thing is to save the Earth. Saving the Gaia. If we do not save the Earth, what can we do?

Why I think it is important to save the Earth? We are living on this planet called the Earth. Earth is the home in this solar system.

Anyone heard of the El Nino and El Nina effects on the Earth due to global warming? Rain at drylands or non-monsoon seasons. Hot during monsoon seasons or turning farmlands into barren lands? Or instead of bushfires, there is floods during the summer season as you all heard about the Brisbane floods in Australia, as well as Victoria?

How about the melting of ice caps at the North Pole region as well as the Antartica? The melting of those ice caps will cause many problems. Floods, rising of water levels, lesser fresh water, lose of home for those polar bears, even hotter weather as there are lesser ice and white items to help to reduce the heat from the sun.

How to reduce the greenhouse effect? I am glad that there is solar power panels to help to convert solar energy into electrical instead of using fuel and other resources which will increase the emission of carbon gases. Less greenhouse gases = cooler temperature.

How to reduce, reuse and recycle? It will be difficult. But there are refill packs available as well as many companies practice these 3Rs, which is great.

How to educate the people and change the mindset of the people on loving the Earth is very important. It will be very difficult to change the mindset of the people. Earth is the place we live in. Once we ruin it, we will find it difficult to save it in the future.

Guess I would want to find a way to save the Gaia as well as reflect on my actions to make the Earth a better place to live in. Thus I am planning to save some $ to donate for the garden city fund as well as buy a tree and plant it.

How about you and what’s the most important thing to you?


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