Coming to Rabbits’ year, with pet rabbits’ display

Chinese New Year is coming soon in about 1.5 weeks. So what are you planning to do over for the next few days before Chinese New Year?

Rabbits, kawaii

Do you wish to see the rabbits and skinny pigs at Suntec City Mall from now till 30 Jan?  So if you wish to see the Flemish Giant Rabbits, and other adorable rabbits and curious to find out how the skinny pigs look like, do come over to Suntec City and see them. (Do note that no photography of those animals is allowed). More information’s below.

I had seen the skinny pigs and flemish rabbits, and other adorable rabbits at Parkway Parade roadshow on 16 Jan 2011. I rarely see how huge and big rabbits in my whole entire life. and I did not know there are rabbits with different fur colours, besides white and brown. There are black and grey rabbits too.

If you are interested, come’on down to Suntec City Mall, Tropic atrium to see those adorable animals today.

That’s all folks.


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