What’s my idea for a perfect Sunday?

NICE WEATHER. No bad rainy day ahead nor too hot that makes it sweaty and smelly. Cool, nice and breezy will do. Makes me happy. =)

NO NEED to work on Sunday. It should be an off-day to make it a perfect Sunday.

NO NEED to wake up early. That will be a perfect Sunday. Rest is important after 5-6 days of work.

NICE SCENERY. It is good to see such a nice scenery as it helps to relax our minds and not to think so much about stressful urban lifestyle. Interact with the nature is one of the best to help to relax our minds on a perfect Sunday.

ENJOY what I really ENJOY. Perfect Sunday is all about enjoying what I really like. Like eating my favorite food, watching my favorite shows, listenong to music, exercising, reading, writing, going to my favorite hangout places and enjoy the activities ahead. As well as spending time with my loved ones and have FUN.

OF course, NO BAD NEWS. Bad news will spoil the mood of a perfect Sunday.

So what are your ideas for a perfect Sunday?


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