CuSkin BB Cream + Whitening Cream Review

Received CuSkin BB Cream from Dione International. Thank you for letting me trying out your products.

Letter from Cuskin


Here’s what is inside the letter!

BB Cream and Pure Whitening cream sample as well as the information booklet.

I tried out the BB cream and Pure Whitening cream. And here’s how I look before I use the BB cream & Pure whitening cream sample. (I may look unglam).

Me with no make-up or bb cream applied onto my face

After the application of BB cream + whitening cream, here’s how I look.

After applying BB + Whitening cream

Can you see how much the difference between these 2 pictures shown above? My face looks much fairer and there is some glow after using the product. Besides that, applying BB cream makes it more easily to apply make up too.

Why not try Cuskin today? You can go to selected Unity Pharmacy and get CuSkin.

that’s all folks.


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