Chinese New Year 2011

Hi readers, what are you planning for the upcoming Chinese New Year besides visiting your relatives and friends? As well as saying goodbye to this tiger friend?


And welcome the year of Rabbits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rabbits

Have you visited Chinatown market as well as seeing the decors there? The decors will be there from 15 Jan to 6 March 2011. The decors looks very cute. Pink rabbits.

Are you intending to go to Sentosa Flowers to see those displays from the latest Boardwalk attraction to Merlion Park from 3-13 Feb 2011? Whereby entrance fees varies from $1 (from the boardwalk), $2 for the bus entry and $3 for the monorail entry. Every year Sentosa Flowers/lights will bring out a different experience when you visit Sentosa.

Or you are planning to go to the Floating Platform to see the River Hongbao Festival which will be opened from 1-13 Feb 2011?  there will be free entry for everyone. For more details, you can visit

River Hongbao

Or visit the National Heritage Board museums on 4 Feb 2011 as there’s free entry for all visitors. I visited Peranakan Museum FOC in 2009 on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. Besides Peranakan Museum, There are other museums such as Asian Civilisations Museum, Memories at Old Ford Factoru, National Museum of Singapore, Reflections at Bukit Chandu, Singapore Art Museum and Singapore Philatelic Museum (stamp) for free entry on 2nd day of Chinese New Year.

Or you plan to watch the Chingay Festival on 11 or 12 Feb 2011? Whereby you need to purchase ticket to watch it live or can watch it from the TV. Floral or decorated vehicles will pass by and perform for the audiences. For more information on Chingay Parade 2011, please visit

Some shopping malls will be open to the public on Chinese New Year. Such as City Square Mall, West Coast mall, Bedok Mall. I may go Giant to shop for some of my groceries during this period as Giant will still be open during Chinese New Year and I do not need to fill up my refrigerator till it goes burst. Or need to rush myself to shop for food items.

Rabbits, kawaii

The Choice is up to you. There are many fun activities in Singapore during the Chinese New Year period. You can plan to visit there during the weekends or when you are free. Hope you all will enjoy your Chinese New Year 2011 with Happy Rabbits. It wont be a boring long weekend at all.

I wish all everybody 福兔迎祥, 前兔似錦, 万事如意, 身體健康, 兔年行好运!!!!


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