River Hongbao 2011 – Rabbit year – Many Returns

River Hongbao Festival is held from 1 – 13 Feb 2011 at the Floating Platform. It will be open from 12pm to 11.30pm with the exception of 2 Feb, Chinese New Year Eve, which will be closed at 12.30am. It is themed as Year of the Rabbit: Many Returns

I went there and took some of the photos. Quite a few interesting decor there.

There’s a fun fair near the entrance of the River Hongbao Festival. Some of the games area are beneath the steps or under the sheltered area (below the seats of the floating platform. The kids will prefer to play games but heard the tokens are quite expensive for some of the games.



No need to worry about getting lost as there’s a map to guide.

look how far to the flyerThis is how it looks from far.

near the entrance. hahalandscape’s great right?

marina barrage

made up of NeWater bottles to make this. Wow!

duxton hilllooks real? Duxton hill with its greetings.

templelooks very real like a real temple but smaller in size…

what to buy stamps?selling stamps for the year of rabbit…. as well as some stamp exhibits

I love museum...I Love museum? Cute ambassador for the year of rabbit.

Her partner in blue.

Why am I holding the YOG torch?Me holding YOG torch. Quite surprising although I am not a the torchbearer. Because there is an exhibit with it. You will find out later.

Here it is...See the whole picture? That’s how I have a chance to hold the torch for awhile. Haha.

Rabbit coinHere’s the highlights of the exhibits at the Floating Platform. the coin. So cute right? It’s my favorite zodiac sign.

Back of the Rabbit coinLook at the back of the coin. Haha. Yes, 1987 is indeed the year of the Rabbit. There are other coins featured too. If you can interested, you can come down to the Floating platform and see them.

There are many of these exhibits at the area.

What is this? you will know it when you visit the area at late evening time when it lights up. I think it is a bird.

Food for the rabbitsStage area… with some carrots balloons.

make a wishHit the bells with coins and make a wish. Make a wish, make a wish (reminds me of Vic Chou’s song)

Main lead - Cai Shen YeYou will see him yearly for sure….

What is it?It will be better if see at night. Some are located near the Helix bridge nearby.

You can also visit the Youth Olympic Park nearby and see those photo collages (1 of them is shown below)

Can you see something?Photo of the athletes. But I can see 1person image from the collage if I make this image smaller.

You can visit the Helix bridge during the night time and see how beautiful the lights at that area.

For more information, please visit www.riverhongbao.sg

That’s all folks.


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