Topic: Could I live without the internet

Can I live without the internet? I do not know how long I can live without the internet.

I know I can live without the internet but it is only for a few days. I managed to survive without it for a few days while I was in overseas traveling. In overseas, I tend to be more busy and spent time on traveling and sleeping and no time to bother about using the internet.

furthermore, internet charges in the hotel and certain countries are quite expensive compared to Singapore. No worries as I do not need to check emails and I just want enjoy to myself without the internet. But in Singapore, I just really cannot live without internet.

The main reason why I need internet is to check and sent emails for  my stuff. as well as blogging and playing games online

But I am quite worry because of the emails i receiving from other parties may be urgent if I do not check it often.

So I would say that I could live without the internet to a certain extent if I am not in Singapore especially in places with very little internet and expensive resources as well as other things to do in overseas. But I cannot live without the internet in Singapore.

How about you?


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