Sentosa Flower 2011: Spring Wonderland

Have you visit Sentosa Flowers 2011 yet? 13 Feb 2011 will be the last day for people to see Sentosa Flowers 2011.

Of course I went to Sentosa Flowers 2011 quite awhile ago and took some photos of this event. Every year, Sentosa will look quite different. This year Sentosa Flower journey starts from Sentosa Boardwalk to RWS to Imbiah falls, Images of Singapore till the Beach station.

this is the view from vivocity.

I started my journey from Vivocity and walked towards the Sentosa Boardwalk, which is one of the latest attractions in Sentosa. That marks my 1st time walking from Vivocity to Sentosa via Sentosa Boardwalk.

If you feel tired of walking, you can use the travellator at the side of the boardwalk. There are some markers to tell you how far you are away from the entrance of the Sentosa Island too. Is not it great? Haha.

There’s one of the exhibits at the Sentosa Boardwalk. The magical tree. Looks like one of the trees in Alice in the Wonderland. Haha.

There are also some shops on the boardwalk, selling some items.

Artworks/Sculptures along the way. haha.

Reaching the RWS area soon…

Finally reached RWS after walking quite a distance. Of course, I paid $1 entrance fee to enter. People can use ez-link card (not the flash pay card type) or slot in $1 coin to enter the area.

RWS welcomes the year of the Rabbit with rabbits. So cute as I love rabbits and my favorite zodiac sign.

The cave near the entrance of RWS.

Visitor Centre to get essential information on the facilities, recreation and restaurants, shops and fun on Sentosa Island.

Look out for the green giant rabbit near the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore. It will look beautiful at night.

Colourful merlion.

Lakes of Dream. Beautiful.

Of course rabbits are the main lead for this year’s Sentosa flowers. There are other animals around the area as well.

The other side of the RWS with another pair of rabbits. Haha.

Look at that blue building. What is it? KFC = Kentucky fried chicken. Didnt know they opened 1branch at Sentosa.

Sentosa Flowers with some rabbits decor.

Rabbit made of flowers.

Ducks made up of flowers.

Pondering over carrot. thinking hard… Hmmm…

Surrounded by flowers – orchids. Nice.

Rabbits are in love. Valentine day is coming soon…

Welcome to the Carrotland!

The Rabbit family in the Carrotland.

White carrots

Cabbage in Carrotland?

Flower Power

Birds decor

Ant of Life

Baby rabbit with its parent

Easter eggs! Too bad they are inedible. No chocolate’s inside.

Near the Tiger skytower area.

welcome to the rabbit trail...

agree with this poster

Sniffing flowers. Smells nice...


Harvesting carrots by the rabbits

Tulip Land

Dragonfly + rabbits

Honey to be shared?

Anyway, I did enjoyed myself with my mum for this year’s Sentosa Flower. I will be looking forward for the next few Sentosa Flowers event during the Chinese New Year period. Haha.

That’s all folks.


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